Ritu Kumar Show at India Couture Week 2023
    July 27, 2023

    FDCI Presents India Couture Week 2023

    Before anyone else there was Ritu Kumar, the epitome of a classic aesthetic that as Indians we know in our core as beautiful. We aspire to it, it reminds us of home, we have seen women we idolize, wear it. For us it’s the true glamor of India. The lexicon of the Ritu Kumar design aesthetic is so entrenched in Indian fashion, that it has become ubiquitous.

    Ritu Kumar collection consists of the vintage patina of vegetable colour, the layout design of the kurta, the balance of scale in paisley and buti, the finesse of the dabka gold thread curved around a flower motif. The country owes much of its design ethos to the revival work done by the first ‘barefoot doctor’ of Indian fashion.

    This season of India Couture Week 2023, the Ritu Kumar legacy stays intact while the mood mirrors the style of today’s India. Her couture collection encapsulates a new feminine aesthetic through heritage textiles and nuanced classicism on Dresses, Jackets, Capes and Anarkalis. The complexity of the glittering kasab and floral kashidakari are laid out with couture tailoring which makes the collection timeless & familiar while paving the way for what’s to come

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