Suneet Varma Show at India Couture Week 2018
    July 28, 2018

    Suneet Varma Couture Collection ” Naintara, is a modern and Theatrical representation of the modern Indian Woman – yet embraces the romance of traditional Indian couture.

    It has its own vocabulary and language, like an elaborate braid entwined with history, myth and tradition. It may be modern, Whimsical or demure- but always magnificent and carefully crafted. The Mix of Traditional Motifs with Abstract artworks enhanced by the age old Crafts of India make for a Perfect – Feminine , Romantic and Modern Woman.

    Says Suneet ” I believe Fashion is the politest way of speaking about sex- But i like the subtle unspoken word, left to the imagination of the wearer. The glamour and sensuality in this collection comes through the use of sheer and lucid fabrics, the delicate placement of embellishments, the drapes and the unexpected details- and what they reveal or conceal.”

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