Anju Modi Show at India Couture Week 2018
    July 26, 2018

    Anju Modi showcased ‘A Maiden’s Prayer’ a historic couture collection inspired by the vintage era that holds eminence pride with an attitude.

    Sometimes, I secretly wish I lived in the Victorian era.”, says the Designer Anju Modi in awe of the amiable era. Looking back at the days, the Victorian fashion was a symphony of exaggerated silhouettes with copious amounts of fabric, grandiose sleeves, fancy collars and dramatic hairdos, that was magnificently orchestrated for the graceful women of those days. Renowned for its ostentatious fashion, aesthetically pleasing art & architecture, classic literature and music, is where we go for our inspiration this season.

    Special jewellery was designed by RK Jewellers, in line with the mood of her garments. To achieve the right craftsmanship, craftsmen were flown in from West Bengal using fancy shape diamonds and precious gemstones including emeralds and rubies.

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