Rohit Bal Show at India Couture Week 2018
    July 31, 2018

    Rohit Bal couture collection GULDASTAH, is an ode to the magnificent beauty of flowers… Sunflowers, Poppies, Tulips and Peonies. He celebrates the beauty of Kashmir by dedicating the collection entirely to the greatest treasures of the natural world. From their colours to their fragrance, their delicate allure is intoxicating, says the designer.

    The collection is both sensitive and ornate with an underlying sense of luxury interwoven in its many layers. An interpretation of absolute beauty in its purest form as he tries to recreate beauty using different techniques. From thread embroidery to gold wire and zardozi, he has used flowers in a very realistic, artistic and imaginative way, inspired by botanical paintings and works by some of the great masters of the renaissance period. The designer has also brought together different art forms and created a canvas of vibrant colours and artistic shapes.

    The fabrics used are all organic, cotton silk blends, chanderis, silk organzas, silks and velvets. The floral prints have been given a vintage feel and done on both traditional and contemporary silhouettes.

    The base colors are ivory and black with bursts of vibrant colours coming alive in the form of large and oversized flowers…quilting and texturing has been used extensively to give the collection depth and a sense of structure.

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