Reynu Taandon Show at India Couture Week 2018
    July 31, 2018

    Once upon a Dream by Reynu Taandon, celebrates the surreal and the whimsical florals around the globe at India Couture Week 2018. This collection is all about a beautiful blend of pastel tones & tender flora, intricate detailing and surreal sequin work that gently weave in the magic and mysticism of rich luminous hues, says Reynu Taandon.

    Evoking a tranquil spirit, the color palette chosen is a fresh take on the simplicity of nature! The collection draws its inspiration from the contemporary bride, a girl that re-conceives fashion with all that’s modern and minimalist with a classic twist.

    For Reynu Taandon, this season is all about taking a leap into a clashing kaleidoscopes of colours. So, compose yourselves for an assemblage that is tastefully crafted, distinctive with exotic motifs & rich hues & coquettish enough to make your heart skip a beat.


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