Nitin Bal Chauhan show at Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018
    March 16, 2018

    Review by Deepa Sutradhar

    One show that was hot topic of discussion was Nitin Bal Chauhan’s collection inspired by bomb blasts and destruction. The stage was set for the drama with strong visuals of bomb blasts, destruction of buildings and victims at the background. Adhering to the seriousness of the concept the models had a stark serious expression throughout the show with glimpses of grief on their faces.

    The show was not only visually strong but the garments also corresponded well, subtle yet made the heads turn with the deconstructed jackets and dresses. Belts mimicking ammunition belt were simply conveying the concept to the audience.

    The simple yet innovative dresses were styled with exaggerated head gears that were suggestive of the smoke cloud after the blasts and destruction.

    The collection was mostly in neutral colours. High puffy stiff turtle necks coming up to the jaw line, blazer panels stuck to the dresses were some of the details which caught the attention.
    The footwear and hair were kept simple giving attention to the outfit. The eyes makeup was bold which added to the surreal expression of the models.

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