Anupama Dayal show at Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018
    March 15, 2018

    Review by Jasleen Kaur

    Anupama Dayal showcased her autumn/winter collection at Amazon India Fashion Week, 2018.

    As described by Anupama herself, this collection was a bouquet of whites. Interestingly enough, the designer is known for using vibrant hues, colors and prints in her collections turned to the humble white color this season.

    “I wanted to try something different and it was a bold move to switch from lilac and pink to white”, said the designer. The collection named ‘Fida-e-Lucknow’ came from a visit to Lucknow. Rather than just playing with chikankari, the designer used the various other elements that define the place — from large prints of kite to swords, which were used in light colors to subdue the violent streak.

    The outfits featured various cuts that accentuate the Indian body, making the dresses perfect for one’s resort collection. “Indians are comfortable with the cuts as we are used to wearing saris. I have tried playing with them around the waist and arms, along with attaching tassels with kites, thus, highlighting the essence of the city of Nawab,” said Anupama post show.

    White coloured gowns and dresses featuring kite and floral prints along with ruffled sleeves and choker collars were also part of Dayal’s collection. Kite patterns were not only seen in the dresses, it was also seen in the form of oversized earrings. The playful use of decorative daggers , slender swords and the soaring colorful kites of Lucknow are used as a tribute to the kite flying tradition of Lucknow depicting communal harmony.

    “This collection is for my light hearted, non-traditional , Anupamaa woman who likes to be connected to her roots but eternally seeks new adventure”, quoted the designer herself.

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