Rimi Nayak at Lakme fashion week S/R 2016
    April 4, 2016

    Rimi Nayaks’ “Marionette” (French word for Puppet) talks about the journey of a woman who decides to break free from a life of obligation and oppression to liberate her.

    The collection had a wide range of colour palette signifying both the struggle and the freedom after that. Cold white and ice blue provided a pure, calming effect as does the warmer apricot and deep coral while deeper shades of ebony and mangosteen, and deep black as an accent narrating the darker side of the story symbolizing the pain and the struggle. Muted gold symbolizes hope while horizon yellow adds the happy note narrating freedom.

    Fabrics used were hand- woven khadi cotton and denim along with satin and crepe. Digital printing technique was used to create various prints in correlation with the theme. Ripped and frayed denims narrated the struggle aspect in the theme. The hand done thread texturing portrayed the entangled and caged life of the protagonist. Various intricate detailing in forms of keys and scissors highlights and captures the underlying concept of freedom. Tiny “puppet” shaped tassels literally added to the concept element.

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