Rahul Mishra Show at India Couture Week 2018
    July 31, 2018

    Rahul Mishra couture collection 2018, Maraasim signifies relationships in Urdu, which is based on connections with the past and the present. A time of visual and intellectual magnificence; of monumental architecture, sumptuous textiles, and the finest miniature paintings- all boasting a common aesthetic coherence of Mughal elegance.

    The collection revives ancient visual expressions and explores new forms, with the ingenious use of geometry and arabesque to achieve patterns of dizzying complexity.

    Intricate vegetal motifs, with chevrons and spandrels from the rich decorative vocabularies of an earlier era come alive on India Couture Week runway, to make the meticulous surface treatment appear surreal. Maraasim explores the relationship of the balanced existence of nature and architecture, traditional and modern, blended to create fine works of art on handwoven textiles, bearing testimony to the inherent finer details of Indian craft.

    “The Mughal aesthetic was not the invention of any single artist, nor of any particular group of artists; rather it was a blend of artistic practices of Persia, European influences of passing traders and missionaries, and the rich indigenous traditions of India. Nothing can be created in isolation, it was the cross-pollination of ideas that resulted in an entirely unique and unified aesthetic that were all expressions of a genuine delight in the creation of beauty” explains Mishra.

    The continuing journey this season leads to the unveiling of Menswear, while retaining the purity and uniqueness of the brand. Delicate hand-embroidery fused with handwoven fabrics to create an eclectic mix of beautifully handcrafted kurtas, bandgalas & silhouettes inspired from traditional Indian ensembles add to the lehengas and kalidars of Womenswear with the incorporation of unique lacquer Swarovski crystals interpreted as morning dew drops.



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