Falguni Shane Peacock Show at India Couture Week 2023
    July 26, 2023

    FDCI Presents India Couture Week 2023

    The ‘Renaissance Reverie’ collection by Falguni Shane Peacock at India Couture Week 2023 reflects their love for art and the treasures they encounter during their travels. The designer draw inspiration from the vibrant colours found in art and the remarkable influences of embroidery textures. This unique fusion embodies the essence of the Renaissance era, showcasing the timeless beauty of its art, architecture, and fashion, while simultaneously paying homage to the artistic mastery of Indian influences and inspirations.

    Each garment in the Falguni Shane Peacock collection is a testament to cultural exchange and celebrates the invaluable lessons they have learned from the past. The intricate embroidery techniques and handcrafted details showcase the meticulous workmanship of the skilled artisans, who expertly merge the grandeur of the Renaissance with the richness of Indian heritage.


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