Suneet Varma Show at India Couture Week 2023
    July 27, 2023

    FDCI Presents India Couture Week 2023 

    Mogra collection by Suneet Varma at India Couture Week 2023 draws inspiration from the incredible traditional motifs and embroideries found in the decorative arts of India. It embodies a romantic, feminine, and flirtatious aesthetic. Suneet Varma revisits the great traditional techniques and crafts that have made Indian embroideries a worldwide celebration, while infusing a modern and fresh twist.

    The couture collection features large abstract-shaped mirrors adorned with multi-coloured thread embroidery, offering a contemporary take on bridal wear. The glamorous lehengas, with off-shoulder blouses and short jackets, showcase dark shades of midnight blue and burgundy, complemented by silver accents. Draped skirts worn with capes and ruffled organza shirts paired with high-waisted palazzo pants complete the ensemble.

    Speaking about the collection, Suneet shares, “India has had a century-old love affair with couture, which is made-to-measure for pure pleasure. There is no denying the luxurious indulgence of precious finery, the magical beauty of one-off embellished wedding attire, and the sparkle of personalized jewels that are designed to match.”


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