Supriya Satam, founder of FOReT owns a premium Sustainable fashion accessory brand that celebrates Nature. Our products are exquisite and handmade from the luxurious Cork with great attention to craftsmanship and design, says Supriya.  FOReT embodies and articulates the beauty and spirit of Nature in our fashion accessories. All our accessories are rich in texture, extremely soft, water resistant and durable.

We believe that there is no greater designer than Nature and this led us in search of a material that encapsulates its ethereal beauty. We came across the beautiful cork and were completely enamoured by it, inspiring us to launch our sustainable brand FOReT.

Cork is developed from the bark of Cork Oak tree, that grows in abundance in Southern Europe. The Cork tree is harvested every 9 years by gently removing the bark.This causes no harm and allows the tree to rejuvenate and it can live up to another 100 years. Cork material also known as nature’s leather retains the structure of the bark and is visually attractive and extremely soft.

FORet is proud to be PETA approved vegan. Our commitment towards shaping a greener future led us to our cause of building a forest in rural Maharashtra. Every purchase of FORet product  supports us in our endeavour to plant trees and enrich the livelihood of farmers. An eco-conscious brand that uses and are biodegradable.

FORet endorses sustainable philosophies at every stage of production using elements from Mother Earth. India is ready for all designs to allow the material to speak and showcases the grains and strands of nature. Every design of FORet reflects the ethos of Nature: Simple, Diverse and yet sophisticated. The primary material is Cork. However,  polyester and PU materials are used in handbags depending on the design, ensuring that the usage of these materials is not more than 2%.