This season sees the jewelry creations of Victoire de Castellane blossom delicately. The iconic Rose des vents continues its odyssey with a range of Dior jewelry creations in emerald and malachite or combined with Rose Céleste medallions. Collected and accumulated over the course of life’s joys and milestones, these good luck charms are designed to be kept as close to the skin as possible, like tender secrets.

A journey led by the four winds continues with Rose Céleste, an homage to Monsieur Dior passion for divinatory art. The luminous greens of emerald and malachite, combined with mother-of-pearl and diamonds, appear on a cuff and four-strand necklace, while a remarkable multicolored choker, punctuated with diamonds in a rice grain setting, enhances a look with audacity.

Decorated with lapis lazuli and a compass rose, a hand jewel and a pair of earrings, like talismans, blend into a monochrome ensemble of mother-of-pearl and diamonds.

The facets of Rose Céleste, featuring a majestic sun in chased yellow gold on one side and a sparkling moon on the other, keep company with Rose des vents’s eight-pointed star on a bracelet, earrings and necklace in black and white onyx and mother-of-pearl. A set of hypnotic combinations that may be worn with either face forward.

Like sentimental jewels, circle rings edged in a twisted rice grain motif create an elegant counterpoint between delicate diamonds and the Rose des Vents and Rose Céleste medallions.