Summer Shoe Trend

Shoes are really taking the center stage this summer and there are some trends that you cannot look away from. In this article, we will be listing some of the best trends that one should keep an eye out for to look the absolute best. In the 2022 trends, there is something for everyone so you should definitely shortlist styles that work for you. Shoes are the easiest way to give your wardrobe a quick makeover and add a classic edge to your overall look. Here are some types of footwear that one must try: 

  • Crossover Straps for Heels and Sandals: In recent times if you have stepped out for shopping or browsed through the internet you must have come across these crossover strapped footwear. Whether you go for heels or sandals they will go well with any outfit. These and the basic converse and Gucci x adidas shoes are the go-tos for any casual outfit. And these trendy shoes help you add fun and flare to an otherwise boring outfit. The most common design for the crossover strap shoes are the chunky sole sandals with high wedges or platform heels. Some brand have even experimented with puffy straps that give your feet a cloud like feel. 

  • Textured Leather or Fabric Shoes: For shoes made from leather and fabric you can easily add a beneficial style touch that is the texture. Textured leather makes the whole look stylish and expensive. They help you make a bold and animated style statement with an overall basic or monochromatic look. You can even try to clash patterns with the textured leather and printed fabric shoes to get a fusion look. I have been loving the traditional Indian footwear that incorporates printed fabric as it makes you stand out of the crowd and they also look lovely. 
  • Mules and Ballerinas: To nail any summer smart casual look you must own a pair of Mules or Ballerinas. They help you get an elegant style and are an ongoing trend. You can easily brighten up a style by adding a contrasting colour ballerinas. I have seen many women choose mules and ballerinas since they have a cool and comfy shoe vibe to it. 
  • High Rise Clogs: Trying on colourful Clogs is essentially the easiest way to dip your toe in the colour trends of the seasons. Going by that you must look out for the bright summer and spring colours. Clogs look classic and funky when paired right. The high heel basically makes you look slimmer and changes your posture completely. And as an added advantage they work beautiful with pretty much everything. 
  • Interesting Heel Designs: Just to find the perfect balance between the millennial’s and Genz style many designers are experimenting with the Heels. Right from removable heels to adjust to different lengths and heights to different materials and designs for it. Many women choose to wear heels as they tend to elongate your legs a little bit giving your body a perfect structure. 
  • Hybrid Style: Top designers planned to bring back the Marry Janes, with vibrant colours for the Spring/Summer couture. With top fashion houses trying to give the Marry Janes a Y2K twist by using digital designs and funky colours. And it’s the best way to add a funky touch to the outfit. The GenZs will take their own share of these classics, that to me give a Victorian vibe.