Samant Chauhan show at AIFW SS18
    October 12, 2017


    Samant Chauhan SS18 collection was white canvas, with confusion as his muse.

    The light filtered and split by the magnificent broken glass windows the designer saw in Paris chapel on a cold January morning made him wonder about magic and truth, the crossover between the two and the eternal quest for beauty. Everything was chaos.

    The quest, an inspiration and a thirst for beauty and magic. In the flowers that the designer has painted, he has created a renaissance to create and create boldly. His art nouveau or the idea of total art collection was a liquid style, the flowers melting into ivory backgrounds in the simplicity of lines and muted colours of decorative arts was a revival of European art and culture.

    The designer gives an ode to the blank canvas, free art that you see on the streets of Paris, the self-actualization and to all metaphors for life and light.

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