Rajesh Pratap Singh Show at India Couture Week 2023
    August 4, 2023

    Desert Rose by Rajesh Pratap Singh collection is inspired by the great gilded Indian Wedding, the desert and the Indian Gulab at FDCI India Couture Week 2023.It is an incantation, a quixotic crusade. The collection consists of woven, embroidered, printed with an extensive lean on the Poshak in various avatars, it is pure, and not mired by popularism.

    We stand in the present, acquiring from the past and looking to the future, says the designer Rajesh Pratap Singh. My collection Desert Rose speaks to the non-conformist, willing to embrace the uncustomary. It has play of optics and the use of woven gold, silver, pastels and jewel tones. Custom made jewellery and hand-made footwear with metallic elements accessorize the look in the shadows of shapes, some glitter in the dark, some respite, reverberating with the sounds of the Thar, concludes the designer Rajesh Pratap Singh.

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