Anupama Dayal show at AIFW SS18
    October 23, 2017


    The winds howl. The cyclone circles the Sundarbans yet again. The man eating Bengal tiger swims with deathly calm to the human village.

    There she is. Jalpari is the name of local mermaid of the Sunderbans. She is beautiful , gentle and strong .She sings of the dangers and the beauty of this land . Of the ruthlessness of the tiger, of the sorrow of the mother, of the rage of the storm . And she sings of lavender sunsets and the delicate mangrove flower, is the inspiration behind Anupama Dayal spring summer 18 collection.

    Centered around the concept of ‘compositions’ . Each garment can be worn as a separate, put together ‘matched’ or eclectically mixed from within the collection presented in Summer sorbet , with lilacs and lavender , melons and sunset hues Palette.

    Fabrics used are gossamer and light, chiffons,light as air silks & feather light chanderis and can be dressed up according to mood and context with all the scarves and tactile floral jewellery showcased.

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