The current world crisis has subjected us all to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and being resistant and creating structural changes in industries is the only way to keep the customers happy and galvanised.

Vandals, founded by Vandana Jagwani, is a revolutionary augmented reality app, allows you to try on the jewellery from the comfort of your home with a contactless purchase. It learns from the philosophy of street art that questions and challenges the status quo.

Growing up in a legacy of jewellers, Vandana has designed these pieces by combining a lineage in jewellery tradition with new age capabilities of lab grown diamonds. Vandals is based on Vandana Jagwani’s ability of searchlight intelligence, the ability to spot emerging patterns between and across spheres.

Vandana adds, “The idea behind developing this app was to be able to provide a safe shopping experience to our customers. With the help of innovative augmented reality technology, the app allows you to be transported to the store thereby giving you a complete retail experience. Understanding that people would always require to try on jewellery, the app permits you a contact free visual trial while at the store or from the convenience of sitting at home. It allows you to try on products by simply switching on your front camera and selecting a product which will then realise.

For example, you will be able to see a necklace of your choice displayed around your neck which helps the customer decide whether that design is well suited for their face structure, personality etc. Furthermore, it customises the experience specifically for each individual.