Pamela Easton is the founding partner and designer of one of Australia’s most established and successful labels – Easton Pearson.


Drawing on acclaimed design and success and inspired by her collaborations with many artisans in different parts of the country for the last twenty-seven years, has created Easton Anaphora, an exciting new label especially for India.

Made in India for India infused with the history of past practice and design. We believe in slow fashion not fast fashion, says the designer. We create special pieces you will keep and treasure and want to wear years later. Our aim is to show the very best of the many craft and artisanal skills practiced throughout India today in a way that makes it modern luxury. It’s in our DNA to laugh, to share, to make new friends, so always we will make clothes to make you feel happy.

Pamela Easton vividly remembers the time she first visited India 25 years ago. She not only took back memories that have stayed with her forever but also her love for Indian craft. “I stayed in Mumbai with my friend Sudha Patel and later spent time at the Shrujan complex outside Bhuj in Gujarat. It was a life-changing experience,” Australia-based Easton recalls.

While Easton Anaphora will carry forward some of the aesthetic and ethos that has made Easton Pearson so loved and internationally applauded. The Easton Anaphora brand will focus on artisanal embellishment, experimental construction techniques, bold use of pattern and colour, and a strong preference for pure natural fabrics.

Going back to times, Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson started their label to showcase a love of craft and design in the year 1988. Ironically, after initial impetus they closed Easton Pearson after 27 years.In an increasingly fast-paced fashion industry, which has seen the label increase its yearly ¬collections from two to six a year in keeping with the global standard, the pair decided to step back and return to their ¬design roots in the year 2016.

However, having won recognition across the world, the label was earlier being sold through influential stores, whereas it’s available at Melange in India.