Jonathan Cohen showcased his Spring/Summer 2019 collection during a presentation at 218 Bowery Street for New York Fashion Week SS19. We went backstage with designer Jonathan Cohen enchanting line up which was embroidered with 11,000 Swarovski crystals in shades of red and black in beautiful flower designs.

Moved by the beauty of song writing and storytelling, Cohen designed his SS19 collection with romance in mind. The collection was inspired by music from Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith, Lauryn Hill and Kate Bush, and each artist’s similar emotional tale of love and loss.

The whimsical pieces sparkled with 11,000 Swarovski crystals added to petal and floral designs, with multi-shaped crystals blended with organza accentuating the designer’s nostalgic exploration of the power of love and emotion.

Jonathan Cohen commented: “I have a real passion for the art of storytelling, whether it be in books, movies, or songs. My goal with this collection was to translate that feeling into my clothes – to convey an emotion – and in my opinion, nobody does that better than songwriters. To be able to work the finest crystals into our pieces is a dream come true.”