Gaurav Jai Gupta at Amazon India Fashion Week AW16
    March 17, 2016

    by Aanchal Pugalia

    The ramp of designer Gaurav Jai Gupta itself makes it clear what his essense is. The sound and lighting add perfectly to the inspiration of his fall 2016 collection. His point of reference this time is Tokyo; his designs show how modernization can be adopted in a more authentic Indian way. He has shown the life of busy, well developed city with Indian roots in his designs.

    Rusts, greys and blacks are the colors which dominated the collection, he has very conveniently used the classic style of hand weaving. Fabrics which he used were tussar silk, merino wool and cotton;  the only unusual yet fascinating thing was the use of steel as boots as well as garments. Draping of hand-woven silk over the body and wearing it with metal striped boots is unpredictable and captivating because it makes the use of International technology with relevance to the designer’s Indian roots.

    The designs consist of striped and plaited garments. The collection consists of seperates for men and women along with saree reconciling the contradictions. The layering was dominated with oversized, long cardigans. He has used culottes, sarees and sheer skirts which adds to feminine side of it. He beautified the meaning of his garments with block heeled, calf-lengthed metal stripes boots which can be difficult to find. 

    Gaurav Jai Gupta’s fall 2016 collection was truly minimal and the pure interpretation of technology meeting fashion.

    pics by Anwesha Paul

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