“The ability to keep calm when everything is falling apart inside is a reflection of woman’s beauty.” This was my Facebook status yesterday, the question is how true the statement is. I did not put this up because I believed in it but just to revoke a contrary feeling, why should I pose to be calm outside when I am screaming inside and keep the pretty smile. I think women have every right to flaunt what they feel anger, anguish, cry or jealousy and can still remain beautiful. 

Oho! Just got a little carried away, women and women talks quite debatable and intriguing as everything about her. What has caught my fascination a few days back is this most amazing site http://www.womanityglobal.us from Thierry Mugler which celebrates womanhood in its true essence. The moment I got on the site it has a very familiar aroma to it and instantaneously I feel at home with it. Acknowledging the fact that the number of women’s magazine and women sites out number the sex ratio but all they have to talk about is gynecological problems or how to satisfy your guy in bed. This had always made me wonder were they actually for the women or is the secret set doctrines laid out by the manpowered society on a silver platter. 

Now with womanity, here is an interactive and participatory site, the only one of its kind, inspired by the idea of feminine identity, and dedicated to all the world’s femininities. Womanity online is a natural expression of the brand’s universality and its capacity to bring people together, be it through the launch of Angel or simply through the natural complicity that links all women. A platform for creative expression, and has welcomed 1,078,461 visitors since its launch. Creative contributions from 3,770 individuals have brought further depth and richness to the site, and the brand is already celebrating the success of this innovative experiment.  

The opening message on the site asks about the colour of your mood takes you to a world of emotions, pictures, untold stories, art interests and anything and everything that is important to me shared by not a dictator put you and me. The site is a well designed graphical representation of  women’s mind which flows in a mosaic format and all the information and picture is just there floating on the wall in front of you with no sections or sub-section. And all you need to do is to drag and click anything that catches your attention. How I wish the real life scenario could also turn into this mosaic, anyways till the time daydream on this concept Go Girl Go! Enjoy the virtual space of Womanity. 
Posted by : Matsya at 03:25 PM