A lot of speculation and set back surrounds the city of joy Kolkata this week as the much anticipated Kolkata Fashion and Lifestyle Week got cancelled at the very last minute and has thronged the fashion industry in grief and confusion. We have always been discussing the reason and affect of India’s fashion picture internationally with the growing number of fashion week.  But as the fashion week got weak the industry realizes the void and the Kolkata fashion consumer deprived of their fashion quotient.

Kolkata though came to the fashion front a little late but has been the support system and backbone of the Indian fashion scene by sharing their talents like Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Anamika Khanna and Sabyasachi  to name a few who have brought international recognition to the country with their fresh and altered creativity. Kolkata with all its potential to crave its niche for the next fashion capital in the country needs the support of the fashion industry to pull back and get functional with full energy. 

The event which was being organized by the Purple People Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and spearheaded by its MD Yudhajit Dutta promised a much infused fashion event with primary focus on serious fashion business. With lot of mixed reactions from the gallery of designers and models associated with the event, there is group of design fraternity which still entrusts in Yudhajit’s vision and Kolkata as a fashion market. And on the next day of cancellation we saw our mailbox with a message from Yudhajit, as follows:

 “Words are hard to find to describe to you how sorry I feel while drafting this mail.  After all the hard work and involvement that we  put into Kolkata Fashion and lifestyle week, our Main sponsor backed out last minute leaving us crippled and not in a position to do much. Also we were having serious problems in obtaining permissions as our dates clashed with Dol Jatra in Kolkata.

Considering the given scenario and time frame, and keeping everyone’s best interest in mind, Kolkata Fashion and Lifestyle week had to be postponed .

 I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for always being there as guiding forces, friends and supporting me through thick and thin.

This is a temporary setback and we would like to quell all speculations making it clear that it will not affect our plans in any way. It will only help us to return in a bigger and better way. The dates will be announced as soon as possible.

We will maintain complete transparency about further developments of KFLW season I and will confirm you as soon as the revised dates are ascertained.

We will surely not allow any hindrance in the path of our vision of a successful KFLW and continue with our sincere efforts
Warm Regards

A lot of designers and models have fire-balled after its cancellation and also stated that Kolkata has lost their trust and they would not showcase again. We only hope that Yudhajit settles the issues with angered designer and get them for his love and duty towards the Kolkata. Manoviraj Khosla very frankly says, “It is the sponsor to be blamed and not Yudhajit. He has always put up a great show and I have complete trust on him. And I would definitely participate at the KLFW fashion week whenever it is held.”

Gayatri Khanna another participating designer at the KLFW opines “I am loyal to the city Kolkata and would definitely showcase there. And though I don’t have any complains towards the organizers as they could not foresee a problem of this caliber. However for me the organizers are not that important as the city is.”

All the debate and blame game happening in the industry, the mainstream media which floats with garment malfunction news kept quite mum or indifferent towards the whole issue. But as we go on discussion with designers associated with KLFW, they certainly are awaiting to fashionize the city with their creations and Kolkata impatiently waiting for their share of fashion.

Posted by : Matsya at 12:32 AM