Yes it is the Grand Finale 2010 and like all the Fashion finales this year in the Indian sub continent, 2010 boasts of an equally flamboyant, grand, sometimes rich and sometimes calculative, at times with an invasion of technology like luxury with their online presence and fashion shows with light mapping creating a fourth dimension, as well as sometimes diving into the depth of past to keep the cultural excellence alive it succeeded in framing an eventful timeline. As the year saw many new tie-ups, Indian designers getting associated with International labels, the red carpet gowns, changing of power at major fashion houses and also surviving the grief on the unfortunate death of a fashion genius Alexander McQueen early in the year later the resurge of his brand, let’s take a look at the year 2010 that was. A Refreshing flashback of the last year of the decade 2010 with real turn of events and a gallery of blitz and luxe of fashion we set our foot on the theatrical curtain raiser of 2011. And as we look forward to another successful and glazing year in fashion let us remind you that with new year knocking also celebrates its first year of Fashion presence with a promise to continue jotting down the upwa.

Posted by : Matsya at 02:30 PM