Music, fashion and drugs have this innate connection that each seems to drive each other. Whether you accept, or deny, the trio does exist. Innocent uncanny girls come here and end up turning into a sexpot; singing louder while handling the fame. Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and the latest in the list is R&B sensation Amy Winehouse. Whatever it may be! These Divine Beat Maestros have left an indelible impression on our music thirsty souls; in alleys of fashion; in the society driven by nonsense.

‘Back to black’ fame, Amy’s fashion sense inspired the young girls with her classic and eclectic style. This just out-of-the-school oblivious girl joined the bandwagon of biggies at mere 19. Over the time, she grew up to rein many hearts across the world and was being recognized as the girl with beehive hair and cat-eye outlines. Her wild stage persona gave her a mystique and girls wanted to be like her and boys to grab her. She created an even more shocking persona with her classic pin-up girl tattoos and Monroe piercings. Overall the tight vintage dresses paired with the hoop earrings and pumps showed that how eccentric she really was. The most amazing thing about her was her realness.

The singer was a muse to Karl Lagerfeld, who styled models for a Chanel fashion show with her signature thick eyeliner and beehives. Amy brought back retro when retro wasn’t retro anymore. She made it look cool to add 1950’s hair with 60’s eyeliner and 80’s clothes and some way she made it natural in a way. Winehouse had a unique sense of style that caught much attention. For years, Winehouse wore Fred Perry designs who she later partnered with to start a fashion line. In October 2010, Winehouse put her fashion skills to use and sparked a 17-piece collection of pencil skirts, twinsets, wide belts and gingham shirt dresses. Pink and black are predominant colors in collection.

On July 23, 2011 we lost one of our glittering stars who will always be remembered as unique talent that in many ways transcended music, fashion, and culture. Fendi was one such fashion house to issue a statement on her death. It read, “We met Amy in Paris, fresh from having won five Grammys. That night, everyone discovered that in addition to a genius voice Amy also had an exceptional and very British sense of humor. Having restyled the Fendi dress she was wearing that night, she said with a wink, ‘Forgive my ignorance, I don’t know anything about fashion….’
R.I.P Amy !

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