The necessary pieces of jewellery that have transcended to menswear are the retro ties, pocket squares as I already said, a pair of cool shades, hats and caps, sometimes suspenders. Now for the ultra elegance, men should add a few sexy pairs of cufflinks, which stand for a style and subtle sense of awareness that I know what I am wearing unlike the watches which scream of being expensive. The other day I noticed a pair of fun cufflinks from Tie Rack that had a miniature bike on it…ooooh and yet another range of wedding cufflinks with engraving that said, bride’s father, groom etc. The right pair of shoes to match your look is a must but I am sure men know it better and would like the women to advise them on it. What really confuses them is how to match the new age colour sparked, abstract motif ties with the right shade. In this case, note the prominent colors of your shirt and then choose a tie with accents colour of your shirt. To combine a checked shirt with a differently checked tie, wear smaller checked prints on your body and larger checks around your neck. 

Shifting our focus to the latest scarves, which when tied with aplomb adds style and warmth to your winter wardrobe. And with a little variation in the way you tie the knot you attain the HOT look. Check this out for yourself,
To dress the funky and punk men inspired by the hip-hop culture is far more interesting than choosing diamond jewelry. The looks commences with double excel tees, a lot bling with bling-bling in large chunky neck pieces that usually hang down till the waists with pendants of skull, claws, marijuana motifs etc. And yes the street fight weapon like the fist claw also becomes an inevitable part of their accessory section. 

And last but not the least as per our cultural influences men in India have always dressed in colourful turbans, huge gold studs of the Rajputs, straw hats of Assam, batik print lungis of Bengal etc. also mentioning the rajas and maharajas who were literally loaded with all the jewellery that they use to wear. Hence we have all the more reason to celebrate accessories for men. Posted by : Matsya at 02:45 AM