Constantly being compared to other fashion weeks across the globe, Dubai Fashion Week is still struggling to find a strong fashion identity of its own. Though in its nascent stages, it is steadily establishing itself as the face of the Dubai fashion industry. The five day event held from 19-23 April  drew the crème-la-crème of Dubai society, with a peppering of fashionistas, local celebrities and buyers from both within and outside the region.

Zabeel Hall at World Trade Centre was the venue for choice, with its increased seating capacity and large site area.  With 49 international designers coming together to display their wares on a single platform, the five-day event symbolizes the melting pot of cultures that Dubai truly is. International style influences in the form of Mao collars, toga like dresses, abayas draped like saris, Russian fabric detailing and Kimono  like outfits manifested themselves on the runway.. Fiercely emphasizing on the ‘traditional chic’ design philosophy, fashion for the veiled woman saw an artful blend of practical design elements being added to the classic black abaya-sheila combination.

With abstract designs being alternated with simple cuts and patterns,  most designers focused on feminine outfits, with the Lomar Thobe show standing alone as the only show focusing on menswear.

Dubai Fashion Week is a launching pad for fresh talent in the region, with designers as young as  the 18 year old Anum Moosa showcasing their collections at the event. Talented young students from the region’s top design institute, ESMOD, displayed their flare for fusing futuristic ideas with contemporary silhouettes. 

Hosting for the first time ‘Photo of the week’ and ‘Model of the Week’ competition, the winning images were selected on the basis of the image that best captured the spirit and essence of Dubai Fashion Week whilst depicting the hidden talents of individuals behind the lens.50 stunning models walked the runway for Dubai Fashion Week this season, of which ‘YULIA’ was selected the winner on the basis of decorum, dedication, fitness, attitude and most importantly the walk on the runway.

The first few shows of all five days day saw scanty media coverage and sparse attendance as the crowds came pouring in post the 4pm show. Re-establishing their immense popularity in the region, creations from the Indian subcontinent pulled  large crowds, with offerings from Pakistani and Indian fashion giants like HSY, Saba, Shehrekanth, Gaurav Gupta among others. The grand finale, a hauntingly beautiful collection from Rajesh Pratap Singh, drew a packed house as the internationally acclaimed designer dazzled audiences in attendance, with his creations.

Posted by : Blassy Boben from Dubai at 13:55 AM