With the second edition of India mens week gearing up, it had set everyone excited and particularly the media gallery which has a high percentage of women ratios. So just on the day the fashion week was to start someone had their Facebook status update as “Its raining men at Van Huesen India Mens Week” to be continued soon after the fashion week gets over another person from the media fraternity itself updates her FB status as “Too much fashion on a man just isn’t masculine enough for most men”. The young girls tired of reporting about women models and their falling bustiers, finally get a chance to write about and gaze at men finding flaws with dressing styling or measuring inch by inch the men on ramp just with a flicker of an eye as now men fell in the subject category.

The India Mens Week started on the 27th of August with a slight technical glitch (men and technology go hand in hand) as the entire show area was vacated as soon as everyone settled in for the first show of the week. Reportedly a light unit had cracked up or fell loose and Narendra Kumar’s show was delayed for almost two hours. As we had all the time to wander about the venue we realized the difference in ambience of Grand from just a month back when it was the host for Delhi Couture Week and was all glistening with Swarovski installation and now it looked vacant. I was just wondering should they have replaced the crystals with playstations with live stimulators this time it would have perfectly fitted the concept of excitement and fun for Men. Nonetheless the entry gate was creatively designed with magnificent juxtaposition of gears ball bearing, nuts bolts and a lot of other finer details that resembled massive open machinery.

Now coming down to the fashion part of it the three day fashion culture brought together by the fabulously designers and conceived meticulously by the Fashion Design Council of India has graduated to a level where they are ready to hold the attention of not only the metrosexual men (I don’t really agree with its definition) but also the corporate uptight men who have been orthodox with dressing style. So all men find their style quests being satisfied with Nari’s Japan influence, the checkmate from Ashish N Soni, Varun & Karan’s ultra stylish men and resort to Wendell, Cue, Manoviraj Khosla and Vijay Arora for the club nights. The neo grundge look designed exclusively for the rockstar by Rajesh Pratap Singh set the men drooling over an image makeover. The relaxed casuals pored in from the closets of Samant Chauhan, Anky and Sanchita. And Indian royal menswear was interpreted by none other than Rohit Bal himself. Troy Costa also won the Best Debut Designer at the Van Heusen Men’s Week 2010.

The story backstage is equally different from a regular fashion week as the usually hyperactive makeup and hair rooms were more relaxed and easy going with boys helping themselves and each other to dress up and their designers and they were happy in unison to pose the Boys will be Boys look for most of the shows.


Posted by : Matsya at 12:55 AM