Tell us the story of how and when you started with your career as a jewelry designer? What inspired you to choose this career?

I was born into an art and music loving family. Thus art found me early on. That is in fact why I have a slight hunch – I spent a significant part of my childhood drawing on the floor :)

I loved to work with detail, so jewelry was easy choice. I started to take part of the group exhibitions while studies (Estonian Academy of Arts and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam), so it has very organic development.

Which jewelry designer/brand gave you the most inspiration in your career?
My biggest influence has been my teacher – prof. Kadri Mälk. For her jewelry is much more than just a decoration – it`s a form of living, alter ego. But there are many artists I admire – Manfred Bischoff, Ruudt Peters, Tone Vigeland and many younger ones (Terhi Tolvanen, Eve Margus-Villems, Tarja Tuupanen, Marta Mätsson, Alexander Blank).
From high end brands I love JAR. But to be honest – most of designer brands are sooo boring; they are just copying their glorious past and design language looks like we still live in 19th century.

Tell us about your collection. And how it has evolved/ changed over time?
I am working on many directions on the same time – conceptual jewelry (almost fine arts), fashion jewelry (big pieces for stage and fashion shows) and wearable design series. This gives me artistic freedom, I love to play, I like to be un-definable. I like to clean my head between and start again, like a child who has just discovered some new materials and ideas.

What do you think is the future of artistic jewelry?
I believe that technology (3d printing, laser cutting) will help us to make most diverse and difficult forms into jewelry.

Which decade do you think is the most important to fashion?
Today, always today. But we shouldn’t forget that today is tomorrow yesterday. Personally I get most inspiration from future; there is a huge urge in me that want to run all the time towards horizon.

Tell us something about your first exhibition?

My first bigger solo was presentation of my MA collection in one medieval tower in Tallinn. It was cold and dramatic place – perfect for my slightly gothic fairytales.

What are your upcoming plans or projects?
I am currently working on many upcoming exhibitions – solo shows in Tallinn, Munich and Amsterdam, group exhibitions in San Francisco, Oslo, Lille, Padua etc. We prepare one big show of 6 Estonian jewelry artists in New York MAD museum (will open in March 2013). Besides I am working hard with my jewelry series “Night fly” – I hope that I can start to produce it more and find good places for selling. There is lot of teaching, curating, writing, photographing work beside … I am very passionate and hardworking as you see :)

What suggestion would you like to give to upcoming designers?
Be curious and passionate!

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan,at 04: 52 PM