The new form of womanhood has changed radically if compared since few decades. They have recreated themselves aesthetically and culturally. I see in them a new magnetism like a shiny thunder struck in the dark velvety sky. Surprisingly, they are still able to maintain the balance between seduction and authority. This is the modern divinity of female seduction one get to feel in the flashy high-end fashion streets of Milan. May it be the classy Corso Vittorio Emanuelle II or vibrant Via Montenapoleone. It also can be Corso Buenos Aires-the longest shopping street in Europe. But the divinity fact of these charismatic women remain the same through out.

There is already an immense transformation to the playful era of womanhood; where they were no less than an entertaining entity to male or a factual theory of motherhood. Dating back to the industrial revolution where they first step out of the home to make a financial contribution to the family and be a helping hand to the man. And now they have towed man out to give every possible challenge and competition. This may not be done deliberately but certainly modern women have acquired the manifest ability of supremacy. The modern women work in the knowledge of their own abilities, they are sensible and carry moral behavior, sustaining new aesthetics moments, at the same time launching themes related to work and family management, as well as thoughts and actions that, carefully maintaining every aspect of daily life, from the home to work and create idea related to society as a whole.

Eventually, we see that these modern women have a very distinct move towards their life and fashion. Their approach is very bold, they are very self centered and independent, they are creative hence critical. But have this evolution of modern women somewhere gave birth to a new generation of man?

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan at 12:33 AM