Amal is a designer, artist and writer, he graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology, India and later worked for 3 years at the fashion industry in various areas. Then wining an International competition ‘ARS Sutoria’ he received a scholarship to pursue masters in Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. Thereafter, he built a very conceptual note at his thesis and next collection work.

He see a future world with no life anymore no emotions no psyche. Only a virtual journey to your imagination, it’s a place where in your eyes my face remains. Welcome to Subliminal Entity; don’t know if it will be better or worst but no miseries for sure.

He took this opportunity to transform his story into a collection of bags, which is a very personal and emotional object for a person. It serves as a purpose of utility and also an object of art & aesthetics, it provides a character to the individual. For him it was very much debatable to conclude if a bag is only an object of art or just a product of utility. So he took this occasion to find a perfect balance between both of them.

It can really be a very good piece of art but if it doesn’t solve any purpose of utility we cant call it as a bag. So the objective was to make a very special kind of bag, which apart from solving the utilitarian and ergonomic can also depict the emotion and mood. Each bag is a metaphor to his imagination and the whole collection will solve the riddle of the emotional imaginative story. Certain part of the collection is only meant for a gallery, catwalk, styling or red carpet purpose. Overall the collection depicts a very personal and philosophical pathway to find a sophisticated balance between art and design.

Form this above feeling he tried to be more refined and concrete, drag a conceptual outline by narrating the whole idea into four levels.

Transformation: The first process where life is vanishing.
Noir: It vanished into the darkness with a slight ray of hope.
Emptiness & Water:    The whole planet remained silent for a long time then got covered by water.
Digital reflection of Imagination:    A new virtual world is born, where the basic unit of life becomes pixel.

These four levels became the direction for each line of my collection. Combining as a whole solves the riddle of Subliminal Entity. 

This recent work of him got many acclaim and also got featured in

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan at 04:18PM