We all know that the world is turning into very high globalization. But here I discovered how designer Candy Bokungu used her way to interpret nation blending.

NDYKA_BO is a project, a diary by Candy Bokungu which starts back in 2008, after the graduation in Fashion and Textile Design at NABA, Milan, Italy.

The Congolese origins of the designer, together with her 20 years of living in Italy and a strong bent for travel, always discovering different identities and searching for constant contact with diverse cultures are the starting point for a culturally wide project which goes beyond art, fashion, design or other forms of classification. The work leads to an expression that is translated into a wearable product and in a message with strong ironical connotation. Candys background and sensitivity are synthesized in a message to be found deep inside the I AM A WORLD CITIZEN collection.

The project arises from the particularly contemporary need to investigate different cultures, without remaining on the surface. The experience of a short trip to another country is a situation that should not generate the illusion or make us believe we have got to know the place, its culture and habits. To absorb one culture truly we should get in direct touch with people, the inhabitants and it is only through communication and confrontation that we can say we are aware of one country in the wider sense of the term. Multicultural knowledge comes from one word only, COMMUNICATION, without which we cannot have the basis to approach another culture.

The graphic project is exactly positioned in this context of absorption of one or more cultures. Starting from a selection of 38 countries, represented

through their national flags that melt and fuse in an embrace, the WORLD PUPPETS are born: ironical creatures, citizens of the world, children of an open and curious mentality. 

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan at 11:25 AM