Milan is a place of richness during the Design week, with various exhibition, installation and events. The city becomes lively, artistic and poetic.

While taking a stroll down the streets of Via S. Andrea I came across the Fendi store. It was very crowded like the others but still something made it look very distinguished. By stepping closer I realized that the shop was turned into an atelier. It was a live display of craftsmanship – ‘fato a mano’

Also, London designer Rowan Mersh graduated from the Royal College of Art, creates an interactive installation that sublimates the relationship between Art and Craftsmanship. Real-time heart rate data collected from the artisan is fed into an adapted riveting machine, which punches the heart rate onto thin stripes of leather, which are then reborn in the form of a sculpture, symbol of the interaction between Designer and Craftsman.

This provided an opportunity to look beyond the glass and understand the true value of luxury.

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan at 12:21 AM