Monica is a textile designer graduated from IED, Rome. She have wored with several famous designers like Alessandro dell’aqua, Prada, Marni etc. In an exclusive interview with fashionfad Monice speaks about her long journey in the international fashion world.

Tell us something about yourself and your initial collaborations.

It’s a long time almost 20 years ago I completed my bachelors from IED, Rome and during those days very few fashion school exists.
I start my first collaboration with ‘Jenny’ during 1988; it was also a good learning experience for me as well. Later, I worked as a very close assistant to Alessandro Dell’acqua where I was in charge of trend and material research.

What is your major inspiration?
My inspiration keeps on changing as, fashion is never constant. But still I believe on taking experience from the past and making something new. Changes in the modern society put a lot of impact on fashion, so the designer’s job has to be very true and heart full. Also, working on the real shape of the women’s body; a blend between modernity and femininity.

How does your design lab functions?
It is a modern design studio with a very small team. I started with doing jewel and embroidery for Prada and from then on started to develop my Clientele. I work with a design strategy of ‘very fast life with couture style’, very elegance, sophisticated and precious; a work of true artisans.

What are your future projects and goal?
Well, right now I want to concentrate on the things that I am already doing. May be just to expand a little bit with the space of the collection. I believe in taking small steps and am in no hurry to take bigger risk or step.

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan,at 02:11PM