Unlike traditional jewelry, the traditional craft of the goldsmith, since the 1970s contemporary jewelry has become a field of experimentation at the frontiers of art, design and the artistic crafts. In this exhibition, eighteen French, Swiss, German, Finnish, Swedish and Taiwanese, artists are proposing a new and personal vision in their work. Although some pieces were conceived in reference to the history of jewellery, they can be made with the most diverse materials, using every possible assemblage process, in function of the techniques, symbols and the culture during a given period. This exhibition, conceived by the Fondation Bernardaud, is being shown in the museum’s Contemporary Space.

A jewelries no longer are only the questions linked to the cost of the materials and to the social status that are put by these new artists jewelers, but rather the cultural position of the jewel as art work, in relation to the body.  The jewel is redefined by them as a fully integrated practice to the plastic arts. Intimate costume therefore “unique”, the jewel talks about our body, links that it weaves with others and with the environment.

Many experimental materials were used, one among them is ceramic material, it is the porcelain that has most often captured the favor and emotion of the artists.  It can be used by modeling or casting, only or in association with the metal, the wood or the rock, the porcelain can change its appearance of color and surface.  Smooth and pure, fragile and resistant. Porcelain also can become a desire object, a trigger of visual and physical sensations, when it is transformed in jewels, while adapting itself perfectly to the conceptual and poetic requirements of the creator.

We see a very emotional journey of all the artists. It’s a merge between art and design, avoiding the traditional rule of perceiving a jewel. This will definitely change the art of jewelry in the coming future.

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan,at 05:41PM