Brand: Costume National

Italian Fashion designer ‘Ennio Capasa’ was born in Lecce in 1960. He is the creator of the Italian fashion house ‘COSTUME NATIONAL’

Speaking about its Fall 11 collection: It was inspired from the Mondrian’s art work, the color and feeling. Also the inspiration board was filled with images of Twiggy and David Bowie.

What is the importance of stylist:  A stylist has a very important role to play towards creating a feel and look to the collection in a digital media or fashion show. Though for his brand he choose to do the work by himself as it keeps him close to his feeling. And can achieve what exactly he wants.

About the future of fashion: It is a very successful time for fashion right now. The awareness for fashion among the mass has increased a lot. And thanks to the fast fashion brands who made fashion available to all. And the future holds more growth and lot of innovation to come.

How do you stay creative: It is a very personal process sometimes by reading a book, watching film. It not difficult to get inspired because there are so many things around you happening. But it difficult to choose the most strong one and follow it through out.

What is your style: My style has always been minimal with very strong tailoring details. And adding some glimpse of Rock n roll, biker.

Did you have failure at any stage of your career: No not really. Because I tend to take very small steps, and try to achieve them slowly slowly. I am never in rush and always know my limits.

How has web technology impact fashion: Compare to when I started my career and now there is a vast difference. Research and access to information has become very easy and convenient. The whole experience of fashion has changed. Now you can feel fashion virtually sitting at home and also can experience the fun of shopping too.

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan at 04:17 PM