Luigi Colani, creator of the Bio Design, exhibits for the first time in Italy at Triennale Bovisa di Milano. Beyond 1,000 of his works, project, installations and prototypes that he designed in over 60-year and that changed the way to understand a ‘form’.

Luigi Colani, is a German industrial designer whose father came from Madulain near St. Moritz in Switzerland and mother from Poland.

The earth is round, all the heavenly bodies are round; they all move on round or elliptical orbits. This same image of circular globe-shaped mini worlds orbiting around each other follows us right down to the microcosmos. We are even aroused by round forms in species propagation related eroticism. Why should I join the straying mass who want to make everything angular? I am going to pursue Galileo Galilei’s philosophy: my world is also round. — Luigi Colani

Colani, with his creativity and entirely novel approach for perfect and practical design of appliances and devices, even mundane objects, as well as complete industrial designs in terms of ergonomics, aerodynamics and functionalities, is a great designer of international renown well ahead of his time.

Yet, in his modesty, he sees himself merely as a interpreter of Nature. Colani is closely observing Nature where development over aeons has produced uncountable wonders of perfection and beauty, and he further analyzes, adapts, adjusts and implements. The prime characteristic of his designs are the rounded, organic forms, which he terms “biodynamic” and claims are ergonomically superior to traditional designs. His “kitchen satellite” from 1969 is the most prominent example of this school of thought. Many of his designs for small appliances are being mass-produced and marketed, but his larger designs have not been built, “a whole host of futuristic concepts that will have us living in pods and driving cars so flat that leg amputation is the only option.”

Luigi Colani comes to the mother land of design ‘Italy’ – this to celebrate celebrated the 150 Years of Unity. “To come behind and to go ahead, humanity absolutely should return at the origins and restore itself with the nature. It should make itself as close to nature.  The BioDesign indicates us how to live in harmony and in peace.  We can learn to safeguard what we know and we love.”

The Show “Il Futuro e a Milano – Colani BioDesign Codex Show” is like a journey on board in a time machine: The first official exhibition of Colani, who is considered as a guru, that already in his 60 years preached the energy saving, the reduction of consumptions and  alternate employment of sources.

Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Milan at 02:51PM