by Mmanju Bajaj –
Based in Spiritual India’s New Delhi, Mrs Mmanju Bajaj is an internationally acclaimed Numerologist and Tarot expert, believing nothing is impossible when we follow our inner guidance.
With her gifted intuitive insight, she blogs with her tarot predictions for the year 2013.


You will focus on your personality enhancement this year.  A good opportunity awaits you professionally. Be watchful with your children and focus on their positive energies. A health regime is a must.  May feel aloof on family front.  Chances of meeting you partners are strong. Partnership will prove fruitful. Settling on foreign land is ruled out this year.  Someone close to you might try to misuse your power/capabilities.


A promising year for recognition. Emotionally low family front. Prospects of investment in property. Health is excellent. Relationship will reach the next level. A new beginning away from the old pattern in life.  Good control on expenses.  Be patient to reap what you sowed.


Open your ties to bloom. Lots of options for the unmarried.  Wedding bells ring in the family. Many plans are running on your mind but hard work is the keyword for it. A fine balance between your health and indulgence. Hurdles in your investment plan will get cleared, consult your tax advisor and act.


Year full of action. Success is on way. Control your aggression. Indulge in family happiness, watch yourself with your siblings: be cordial. Time to invest in property.  You can plan your family this year. Children to settle abroad.  Reschedule your daily activities to improve your health.  Good karma in your past will clear you obstacles. New jobs/assignments on your platter will blossom slowly and steadily.


Influence of some powerful personality will enhance your personality. Communication on all fronts will be rewarding. Prospects of settling abroad.  Focus on children: confusing stage.  Neglecting a routine will reflect on your health.  Have faith in your partner.  Possessiveness will spoil your relationship.  Elderly will come to your rescue.  Focus on your project, partnership will be fruitful. Do not attract attention, maintain a low profile.


One point focus is money which will reflect in your personality. Dominance of an elderly female (though beneficial) can be overbearing. Look at the positive side.  On home front, the flipside that you see might not be true. Handle your children with love & care. Time to get rid of your addictions.  Time to cherish your relationship.  Hurdles will get cleared. Time to say good bye to obstacles/rebirth of good times, fate is in your favour.  Channelize your energies in the positive direction.  Enjoy the family vacation abroad.


Someone unexpected in your aura who will change your complete personality for good. Romance is in the air. Be very transparent in your dealing with siblings.  Show your strength: clear your obstacles. Hard work is required in upbringing of the children.  Focus on health.  Faith is smiling on your home front.  Professional front is very promising.  Over expense can be point of concern.


Stop sacrificing. Do a self analysis to enhance your personality.  Family and luck are on your side. Have faith, clear your confusion, analyze your efforts, gain is bound to happen. Investment in property will prove to be fruitful. You will get an opportunity to meet someone whose advice will enhance your health.  Being aloof in the relationship is not a solution.  Enjoy the comforts in life.  Celebrations come easy and comfortably.


Watch your attitude.  Celebrations at home.  Conflicting personality, lots of issues to be handled.  Income from two sources. Dominating yet supportive partner. Children will give happiness.  Health will improve.  Donations will clear your obstacles. Aspiration for spiritual guidance will be fulfilled.  Travel on the cards.


Gear up yourself. You are letting go of what was given to you on a silver platter. Family issues will sort out through  communication. You might feel hurt or disappointed by a sibling. Children will be a delight. Do not ignore your health.  Love will blossom & spouse will be supportive. Beginning of a new era. Carve out a beautiful future portrait through your hard work and good karma. Profession will be rewarding. Be on the lookout: better opportunities await you. Rapid changes at home front seen.


Vibrant personality develops. Excellent home front.  Money flow is easy. Renovations @ home front are likely.  Change in your lifestyle will improve your health.  Partnership investment with siblings will blossom. Gateway to new opportunities.  Passion in relationship will take it to the next level.  You are attuned to gain this year.


You are equipped to take all challenges with comfort.  Chance of inheriting ancestral property. Sibling will be dominating. Children’s progress will make you proud.  All professional targets will be achieved successfully. Urinary tract infections can be a point of concern for some. Family trips abroad will bring you joy. Take a stand in the relationship, do not be fickle minded.

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