Holi Colors for every Sun Sign


Mmanju Bajaj

ARIES: This Holi brings along harmony & happiness with it. An excellent time to enjoy with friends and family.  Time for pure unrestricted indulgence. You will reconnect with an old friend. Some of you will feel lonely even in a crowd. Red, green and yellow are the colors for you this season.

TAURUS: Do not waste your time, money and energy to show off. Be calm to avoid any disharmony amongst friends and family. If you have the capacity to maintain your equilibrium then its’ an excellent time this Holi is an excellent time for bonding. An Arien will bring joy & happiness to this festival.  Use only organic / earthern colors.

GEMINI: Confusion of mind reflects on the festival this time. You are not in your true element. Take care of your health especially your back. This festival gets enjoyable towards the latter half of the day and then you. Keep your confusions at bay and the let the colors fill you in. Green and magenta are good colors for you.

CANCER: The Cancerians are all geared up for the festival of colors. You have a one point focus: to enjoy and make merry with friends & family. You will splash whatever comes in your hand and simply enjoy. An overseas trip is also on the cards around this time. Electric blue and teal green are the colors for you.

LEO: Emotions are overpowering your mind but you will be out of it effortlessly and will enjoy Holi with an easy mind. Be vigilant and stay around your children during this time.  Yellow and pink are good colors for you.

VIRGO: Let yourself loose this festival. Your mind is running in all directions to be with your near and dear ones thus you will enjoy this festival to the fullest. So enjoy, make merry and be yourself. Spiritual journey begins for some around this time. Rust and green colors blend well with you around this time.

LIBRA: Concern for elders will be running in your mind. You may also get suspicious about something. Someone might try to cheat on you so be on your guard. Be careful about your skin. Your good deed / gesture will not be recognized. Re-union with friends around this time.

SCORPIO : you are all set to get new outfits this season. You will enjoy this festival in a very fancy way. Some of you might get infatuated around this time. Emotionally satisfying period for most of you. Maroon and leaf green are the colors for you.

SAGGITARIUS: Planning of dropping out of events. You are controlling your expenses and do not want to indulge right now. Your health issues are running at the back of your mind. But at the end of it you will find your own sweet way of enjoying and will be happy. Red and blue are the colors this season.

CAPRICORN: Travel for some is indicated on the cards. Do not throw tantrums lest you want to be a spoilsport. The festival picks momentum by afternoon. Rainbow colors for you this festival.

AQUARIUS: This Holi brings with it a new phase in your life as it brings along a beloved who will add the new dimension in your life. It will take your relations to the next dimension. Allow the colors to blend in your life and be happy. Yellow, orange, green are good colors for you.

PISCES: Plans might not get materialized as you had envisaged. Some elderly friends or family member might pleasantly surprise you. Try and look for the positive in every situation. Pisces women will enjoy this festival thoroughly. Blue, green and purple are good colors.

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