by Mmanju Bajaj –
Based in Spiritual India’s New Delhi, Mrs Mmanju Bajaj is an internationally acclaimed Numerologist and Tarot expert, believing nothing is impossible when we follow our inner guidance.
With her gifted intuitive insight, she blogs with her tarot predictions for the year 2013.

put on your dancing shoes this month. Gowns n dresses go Well with you. Men look dashing with boots n overcoats. Celebration with family on the cards. Yellow n orange are good colours for you.
European influence reflects on your outfits this month. A complete makeover: a new you. White n nude are dominant colors.

your high spirits and bindass attitude reflects on your attire this month. Go for feather, fur 81 florals.Green n black are the colours for you.

you are the trendsetters this month. Whatever you Wear will become the fashion statement. Your attitude reflects on your clothes.I Sea green , yellow 81 black are the best for you.

The change that you so Wanted will now happen and reflect in your attire this month. nurture the compliments. stoles are the accessory for you. yellow, red and green are the most popular colours.

Traditional clothes will gel Well with you. Fashion influence of an elderly will highlight in your outfits. Orange and brown are the colors this month.

jackets and scarves dominate your Wardrobe this month. You will focus on your headgear. Red and indigo are the colours you will shine in.

labels attract you this month. You Will not cease to f launt the branded outfits that you buy. Fuesia and mustard are good colours for you.

hair styling and fashion accessories become the most important part of your attire. grey and brown are the colours for you.

online shopping Will become a habit this month. European fashion becomes predominant for you. maroon and sky blue are the colours for you.

staying Warm is the only thing on your mind. Fashion automatically follows. Red and orange are the most popular colours foryou.

you will struggle with your Wardrobe this month. Retail therapy will boost your morale and thus yourattire,I sunset Colours are dominant.

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