Aries: Success in every field. Court cases will be in your favor. Travel to two destinations is likely. Dualopportunities coming your way. Choose wisely.Marriage on the cards for some. Look at the positives in life and cherish them.

Osho cards suggest :
New Vision, Conditioning and trust in the creator.

Taurus : Universe is a better place for you now. Things are changing in your favor. Love life will blossom. You will be on an emotional high around full moon. Maintain balance.

Osho cards suggest : Isolation, Laziness, The lovers.

Gemini: Struggling with multiple issues. Many opportunities are coming your way. Being vigilant is the key word as this phase will also a guiding tool for future.Young ones are looking for the love of their life.

Osho cards suggest :
Compassion, Nothingness, New Vision.

Cancer: Despite your mood swings you will be able to control your life and lead the way. Travel likely for some.Nature calling and indicating, open your eyes to it and embrace what it offers. Do not block your mind.Networking is required at this stage. Sleep well.
Osho cards suggest : Change, Maturity, Totality.Leo: keenly observe your surroundings and do not lose focus.Maintain a balance on all fronts, concentrating on one aspect and missing out on the other is not suggested. Angelic blessings will help you resolve your doubts. The clock is ticking in your favor.

Osho cards suggest :  Travelling, Consciousness, Flowering.Virgo: life is moving at a comfortable pace. Handlyour issues one at a time, resolve it and then move on. Investments, savings and multiplying your finances are your highpoint focus at this time. Control your mood swings & always see the positive side of the coin. You will feel a triangular thrust. Deal with it consciously.

Osho cards suggest : The Cool, Travelling, Projections.Libra: Good association or partnership will be fruitful.Investing on property is a good move. Unwanted expenditure is foreseen. Health is improving. Wheel of fortune is turning in your favor.
Osho cards suggest :  Friendliness, Conditioning, Laziness.Scorpio: you are in an imaginative world dreaming about a lot of things. Transformation is likely and the transition is good. You are strong and intuitive; you will be able to handle your issues with ease. Planning for good investments. Love life will blossom.
Osho cards suggest : Suppression, Guidance, Postponement.Saggitarius: you are all set to rock the world with your creativity. Do not stress yourself with your creativity. Go with the flow. Efforts will be fruitful. Emotional 
life is balanced. Your past karma and your children will give yoy happiness.
Osho cards suggest :  The rebel, Politics, Experience.Capricorn: You are at your dynamic best right now. Foreign travel is foreseen. Something new is happening at your professional front which will enhance your prosperity. Too many options running on your mind right now, Results are fruitful.
Osho cards suggest : Understanding, Past Lives, The Outsider.Aquarius : Sharing is caring. Do not hesitate to take counseling; it will be a guiding tool. Keep pace with your emotions and connect with your dear ones with a right frame of mind. Reconnect with yoyr old friends.
Osho cards suggest :  Consciousness, Patience, We are the World.Pisces: Recovery of stuck / lost finances likely. Lots of opportunities coming your way. Some might feel neglected from their loved ones. Infatuations / casual flirts are not likely at this time. Cleanse your aura and take protection to avoid any psychological imbalance.
Osho cards suggest :  Healing, Politics, Creativity.

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