Aries:  This week you will see yourself juggling between two important issues. Pay attention to the home front, using harsh words may spoil your relationship with family.

For students, this seems to be a favorable period. For professionals too, its time to bid good bye to obstacles and welcome new beginnings.

Donate some sweets on Tuesday

Taurus:  Taurians, you have successfully sown the seeds, it is time to patiently wait for the results now. Your home might get contaminated with negative energies this month. Children will provide comforts but you may feel dominated by your partner. On profession front, you will break the old pattern where your verves were going unnoticed and you’d give justice to your work with lot of positive energy and sensibility. Foreign travel is foreseen.

Remedy – Donate black dal on Saturday to a poor man

Gemini:  Romance is in air; single people, watch out- there is a very high probability of meeting your soul mate. Luck is going shine brightly on the professional front. Your major obstacles are going to vanish and some suggestions from peers might prove beneficial. Hard work will pay back satisfactorily. You need to take care of your health.

Remedy – Offer 5 ladoos to Ganpatti on Wednesday

You will get rid of traits that aren’t beneficial for your personality enhancement. On home front, your confusion regarding a pending issue would finally get sorted. You will feel secure on emotional front. You need to stop wasting your strength on unfeasible undertakings on profession front and instead adapt a new pattern. A lot of enthusiasm will bring success, overshadowing the adversities. 
Remedy-Do shiv upasana by offering milk and rice to shiv ling

Leo:  You are all set to take a new energetic flight. Some unexpected expenses are foreseen but you will procure cordial support of family members to deal with that. On professional front, initially, you will feel hesitant picking up a new job but eventually you’d start feeling motivated about it. Renewed dynamisms will get infused in your love life. Beware of suspicious energies around you.

Remedy- Offer jal to surya in copper vessel in morning time

Virgo: Balance is the recommended key this month. It is celebration time with family and relatives but make sure you don’t neglect important tasks on the home front. You have started moving ahead on professional front with strong determination and despite lack of cooperation from co-workers, you will able to handle your work smoothly. Life partner will be very supportive this month.

Remedy- offer spinach to cow on Wednesday

Libra:  You may feel cheated by family member and that might hurt you. Investing money in right channel should be focus for this month. You will crack some lucrative property deal soon. Love life is excellent and eligible bachelors may get engaged. Avoid making sacrifices or false claims on the professional front.

Remedy- Worship Durga Ma with red flowers

Scorpio:  Handle your expense, it is going on the higher side. Your house is surrounded with stagnated energies; you need to unblock yourself from adapting sagely and elderly advices. You have moved on from a love affair and out of break-up trauma but your temperamental attitude may spoil your image in general. You are all set to take challenges now on academic front. Foreign travel is foreseen on the cards.

Remedy- Read Hanuman chalisa

Saggitarius:  You are filled with vigour and zing throughout this month. Health is going to be excellent. Many issues on home front will occupy your mind but you will resolve them with good sense. Your children need counselling, or, if you are student yourself, look for good guidance. Despite controversies on work area, you will be on winning side. Life partner will uplift your mood on many ways .You will be shopping spree.

Remedy- Donate channa dal on Thursdays

Capricorn:  You will indulge yourself in decorating your house. You will celebrate success of your ward. You’ve taken upon yourself the role of being a counsellor to people around and are doing justice to it too. Luck seems to be shining bright on you and your imagination and creativity will be high on professional front.

Remedy- Worship shani dev by lighting diya on Saturday evening 

Aquarius:  You may feel weighed down by the accumulating personal troubles and sometimes you may lose your strength to deal with them. Academic front looks bright but the professional front is clouded with negative energies. You will also be in dilemma as your friends and associates have turned back towards you. But this is just a temporary phase, do not worry- time is changing for good and a fresh start is foreseen.

Remedy-Donate coins to small male poor kids on Saturdays

Pisces:  A complete transformation would overhaul your romantic life and get it rolling on a higher and more exciting level. It is time to meet your true lover. But you also need to focus and scrutinize minute details in professional arena to get better results. Fate, as indicated on cards, is assuring success and angels are promising showers of blessings. You will put efforts to string and strengthen family ties.

Remedy- worship Vishnu Dev on Thursdays by lighting diya under any banana tree 

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