By : Mmanju Bajaj


Love: Extreme emotions at this stage. You will be either very passionate or very aggressive. That’s you Aries at this point of time. Try and balance your emotions.
Health : end of sufferings. Improvement in your health slowly and gradually. Take things in the right direction, do not feel depressed.
Finance: new projects ahead. Time for self enhancement. Put your mind and soul to it and enjoy for a lifetime.
 Love: you are living in a dream world right now and want to enjoy each and every fantasy of yours. Work towards it and enjoy the fruits.
Health: Be careful about your health. It is good to be conscious but don’t get obsessed with it.
Finance: Outstanding payments to get cleared around this time. Excellent phase  for new project ventures.
 Love: kabhi haa kabhi naa. Conflict in your mind whether to comment or not. Go for it. Embrace your relationship whole heartedly.
Health: eat a balanced diet. Do not ignore your treatment and follow ups.
Finance: if you are planning to invest in property then this is the perfect time for it. A very satisfying phase in your life.
Love: balle balle. You will get what you desire. Cherish each and every moment of your love life.
Health: your daily regime will give you fruitful results. It is a healthy phase.
Finance: money saved is money earned. Court issues, if any, will get resolved. Maintain a balance between your personal and professional life.
 Love: passionate love is foreseen. Love is ruling your mind. Keep pace with your partner or else you will feel disappointed / disheartened.
Health: yoga & nature walk is a mandate to maintain your health. Travel towards the hills to rejuvenate.
Finance: handle your finances carefully. Your carelessness can harm you. Your colleagues / partners might ditch you.


 Love: you will get all the attention from your spouse. Your partner is mesmerized by you.
Health: energy level is low. Take care of your health. Stress is the main cause of your energy depletion. Think positive.
Finances: new projects in the pipeline. Financial stability is seen. Be grounded.
 Love: chances of a new connect via networking sites. Things look rosy at the moment. Match making via matrimonial sites will be viable.
Health: Appearance is supreme for you right now. Stability is the key word. Get regular checkups done to avoid any irregularities.
Finance: time is changing for good. Financial gains through foreign projects likely. You are in the true elements to enjoy the fruits of investments.
 Love: you might get infatuated right now. This is the right time to get married.
Health: Enjoy your good health. You are full of energy.
Finance: New opportunities coming your way. Divine energies help you balance all aspects right now.
Love: you have been waiting patiently for the right person. Finally he/ she enters your aura. Handle your spouse with love and patience.
Health: continue to take care of your health. Home remedies work best for you. Avoid eating out.
Finance: your concentration is on investment plans. Invest with thorough plans. Good deals coming your way. Money flows easy.
Love: you are in a mood to woo your partner in style. Candle light dinners in the offing.
Health: health front is good. Release your stress through exercises. Nurture yourself in the natural environment.
Finance: investment plans running high on your mind. You will plan for new projects which will be fruitful in the longer run.


Love: you will move on in your life. You are feeling stagnant in your relationship.
Health: take care of your health. Prevention is better than cure. Do not ignore it.
Finance: more than half of your work is done. You need to put more effort in your work. It will be very fruitful. Your work will be well recognized.
Love: you will enjoy with your partner. Let loose and capture each and every moment of your precious relationship. You pass on a lot of positive energies to your spouse.
Health: take care of your health. Cleanse your aura and the energies around you. Clean your area with salt water.
Finance: financial gains likely. Invest, plan and accumulate through your resources.

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