Aries:  Good news: cards are promising for foreign travel. While planning your trip you may go through many changes. Sometimes very positive and sometimes you may feel stuck but ultimately this summer vacation will prove to be the best one, very joyous and will give emotional satisfaction. Travel to east is advisable

Taurus: wow taurians, planning vacations with full enthusiasm and with great energy. Some elderly lady will be very supportive and will suggest some excellent plans.  ignore her rough attitude. These vacations are going to be excellent. By hook or by crook you will enjoy this holiday with all kinds of activities that you have dreamt of.

Gemini: you are longing for a good change and rejuvenation for quite sometime. You want to take a break from your daily routine. You have kept your finances aside but your health thoughts because of it are blocking your way to make decisions about your travel plan. With your strong decision you will break the negative pattern and will enjoy your holidays thoroughly. Sea side is a good option

Cancer: many plans are running on your mind for travel. You are literally in a dream world regarding holidays. The Destination you want is not fitting into your budget, ultimately you will leave the baggage of budgeting and will enjoy nature and beauty of mountains. Holidays are going to be wonderful, completely satisfactory and fulfilling.

Leo: travel towards sea side is foreseen. cruise is a good option.  You are sacrifising something for going out for holidays. Travel will prove tiring since so many activities are involved, chances of meeting old friends and relatives are on cards. Meeting them will sail you to good old memories. Perfect vacation. Enjoy

Libra: you are looking forward to the vacations, you have started working on it as well though your work targets are not permitting you to take a break. Ultimately you will balance it and will take time out from your heavy schedule to take a short break. Going into the lap of mountains is a good option. The break will recharge your energies.

Scorpio: you are gathering destination information very keenly and with great enthusiasm. Sometimes you feel your friends and family are not supporting you in planning your holidays. You will crack a good deal for excellent destination. While  travelling you will meet a new friend with whom you will have an excellent emotional harmony. This holiday will bring happiness for coming future.

it is time for happiness or getting surprises abt vacation from children. If you have kids they are going to bring happiness and you will add color of joy to your parents. Initially confusion, sacrifice and walk out from vacation plans are foreseen but you will put effort and energy to get it materialized. You will be able to blend harmony and happiness and will give good shape to your travel plan. Cruise or river side is a good option

Capricorn: capricorns you are making plan with friends for air travel. Your Destination is surrounded with hills or flowing water with river sides. finances are all set but energy of a stubborn person in your known area is stopping your way. Do not loose heart, with your effort you will give shape to your travel plan which will bring thorough happiness and joy

Aquarius: you have started searching for good destination for this vacation on the web. Foreign travel is foreseen .To avoid unwanted expenses on your trip you need to lead the plan with strength and clarity. You’ll make plan with your old friends, vigil is suggested as you may get cheated during the vacations

Pisces: you are going to enjoy this vacation with your family. Foreign trip is on card. Some old contact may help you in acquisition of your trip plans. In the process of making plans you may face some delays initially but it will get finalized soon. Excellent holidays.

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