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Filming in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii – let’s jump on the runway and see whats in store for Spring/Summer 2013!  

Some of my favorites this season are collections by Jason Wu, Acne, Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen.  I’m in love with the way each designer took such a timeless take on beauty.  From Jason Wu, with his sheer elegance to Alexander McQueen’s dramatic theatrics, style is ever so apparent through the designs of hair and makeup this season.  

This season, expect a thick natural brow – after you have your desired shape, gently sweep a bit of mascara over brow to tame each and every hair.  Clean dewy skin – a tinted moisturizer with mineral powder for a sheer natural look and feel always works.  Eyes – keep it simple with a great coat of mascara or try my new favorite thing, lash extensions!  Skip the eye shadow ladies.  Cheeks – contour with a nude earth tone to hug your every curve.  Lips – matte bold colors.  Once applying your color of choice, try setting your lips with a matching loose pigment powder for that extra boost of color and staying power.  Hair – pull it back.  It’s all about setting the tone whether your loose and free or slicked back and tight.  Don’t forget to staple each look with a fresh fragrance and a fabulous manicure. I’m living for the dark hues of nail polish see this season.  Get inspired and have fun! 

As I mentioned earlier, keeping the eyes clean with accented lashes are a timeless and ever-so-in this season.  I’m head over heals for eyelash extensions!  The simple yet obvious way to look your best, anytime day or night.  I sought out advice from lash-extension expert, Chauntel Busche of Minx Winks to see what all the buzz is about.

A wise one once said, “If eyes are the windows to our souls, then we should definitely make sure our lashes (the curtains) look fabulous!”  

So…what are eyelash extensions?  Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent, non-invasive option that uses mink, synthetic or silk individual lashes depending on the look you seek.  Getting your first full set of lashes can take up to three hours and a little over an hour for each fills.  Your first fill should ideally be done after your first two weeks, then every three weeks to a month thereafter – which is your normal lash cycle. 

Here are some great reasons lash-extensions are a must: Wash and wear.  You too can have a finished look at home or on the go, with or without makeup.  Eyelash extensions ARE completely waterproof!  Jump in to the pool or ocean this summer care-free! For a more dramatic look for those summer nights out, use an oil-free/non-waterproof mascara and go to town!

Lash extensions cause absolutely no long term damage to your real lashes.  
They are semi-permanent that can be safely removed by a trained extension expert anytime.  Get an extra sense of confidence this season.  Lashes never go out of style!

I wanted to take it a step further – I hit the streets speaking with great friend, Fashion Photographer Russell Tanoue for his thoughts on the upcoming season.

“I think scarves during spring, a nice tan for that sheer printed button down shirt and a cool bracelet during the summer with shorts and a belt with sandals during the day and don’t forget your sunglasses.  I love Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  Stripes and bold prints.  A cool V-neck tee shirt is always good to have under a blazer, a nice chocker slim pants and dress shoes.  Throw a fedora on, whip the blazer off and hit the dance floor.”

Fashion, my world, my everything.



Birthplace:  Des Monies, IA
Occupation: Actor, Model
Horoscope:  I do not read horoscopes. I would rather look at Heaven and just say “wow”

FF:  Tell me a little bit about you.
MD: I spend most my time in New York City and I traveled back and forth from the West Coast.  I love traveling so the further I can go, the more I love it.  The places you will go whether a journey of 1000 miles to distant lands or close as the home shores every journey starts with but a single step.  How I got into acting was I did a lot of teaching in the Marine Corps and most of my time was spent trying to convince students I was telling the truth. I assisted in counterintelligence teaching interrogation to Marines and I was always the one being interrogated.  I was a poor liar until I learned what Paul Eckman describes as an “authorized lie”, then it was game on.  The learning curve is very steep when professionals are analyzing and searching for the smallest mistake in your story.  Before I knew it, my ability to tell a convincing story developed quickly.  I so thought that acting would be an easier chore than telling a fantastical stories in one take and should have better pay. 

FF:   How did you get your break into fashion? 
MD: I was a corporal in the United State Marine Corps and was injured on active duty, wanted to try something else before I got a real job.

FF:   What are some of the physical demands if any, on being a professional working model?
MD:  Sample sizes sample sizes sample size all that matters is that you fit in the sample size. 

FF:  How do you stay on top of each fashion season?
MD: Fashion is just as much about being comfortable in your own skin and your surroundings as being trendy. The classics never die but if what you’re wearing is more of a distraction than part of you than that is not in good taste. 

FF:  Do you have any health and fitness tips you like to share with our readers?
MD: You’re either getting better or worse with every thing you do and with every bite you take.  If what you’re doing/eating isn’t making you better than it’s making you worse.

FF:  Tell me, what inspires you? 
MD: Somebody who is so devoted that they rise above what a normal human can do and become great.

FF:   Do you have any advice for up-and-coming models about breaking into the business?
MD: Have you ever heard the saying it is not what you know but who you know? Well it is especially true in the modeling business there are a lot of people to meet and a lot of lock needs to come your way to be successful. Don’t put your eggs all in one basket and don’t rely on an industry you cannot control. Develop yourself while you are modeling and grow yourself into the business.

FF:   What are three things you never leave home without?
MD: What I never leave home without his knowledge of who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go.

New YorkFebruary 7-14, 2013
London February 15-19, 2013
MilanFebruary 19-26, 2013
ParisFebruary 26-March 6, 2013

Missing you India, ever yours, 
Mahealani XO

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