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Happy to be under the bright lights of my second home, the one and only New York City – lets hit the runways to see whats making headlines for this seasons upcoming Fall/Winter 2013.

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!  The House of Alexander McQueen once again making news with a modern take Regal Renaissance gowns, exquisite head pieces and accessories.  Beauty is personified with matte creme foundation, black liquid eyeliner and a matte natural lip.  Valentino, a show-stopper.  Timeless beauty is captured here, again we seen a matte creme foundation, liquid black eyeliner,  soft neutral eye shadows and a matte natural lip.  Hair is worn simple and sweet, with middle part, side-braid and headband to complete.   Hats off to Makeup Artist Pat McGrath who took Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter "Byzantine Princess" to another level using classic creme lipsticks, matte concealer/foundation and liquid black eyeliner.  These 3 simple elements create the perfect storm this season.  Staple each look with a fabulous hair piece or accessory.


Birthplace: Bielsko-Biola, Poland
Occupation: Actress/Model/Athlete
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

FF:  Please, tell me a about yourself, how did you get your start in the industry?

VP: My career started when i won a beauty competition in Poland.  Shortly after, I signed with Elite and traveled all over the world. I started several campaigns including, Shiseido, Great Lengths, Cobra, Gaia, Calvien Klein, and Mewa.  I also shot commercials for MIlka, Fiudus, and YSL.  Including several runway shows for Calvien Klien and Fendi.  I was able to visit America where I fell in love with the culture and decided to relocate my main hub to New York City where I turned my focus to acting.  Currently I’m working on a fitness series, and am in the works of a supplement line to help people achieve there maximum potential.  I am also a Vegan 

with all natural secrets for beauty care products. 

FF: Tell me some of your favorite ways you stay fit healthy and fit?
VP: I play tennis and run with my shepherds everyday.  I also have a strict workout routine 4 times a week.

FF: Do you have any beauty skin care secrets you’d like to share with our readers?
VP: I only use all natural products, but some of my favorite pure oils are maracuja, argan, jojoba mixed with essential oils like lavender are great for staying moist.  One of my favorite mask/peel is simply 1 tbsp honey,few drops of lemon, and lavender essential oil. apply lightly and wait 20 minutes, for mini peel add more lemon, for a body scrub add 3 tbsp raw brown sugar. avoid fructose corn-syrup and drink in moderation.

FF: Did you experience any difficulties when you made the transition from modeling in Europe to New York City? VP: I adapted quickly from Europe to America.  I use the Law of attraction in my life. I enjoyed the challenge of a new language.

FF: Who is one of your favorite fashion designers?
VP: My favorite fashion designers are Valentino and Channel, because of the flawless quality and classy look.

FF: Please share with me what inspires you.  What are some of your hopes and dreams for the future?
VP: I get a lot of inspiration from my dreams, using the law of attraction, followed by action.  I love the outdoors, health, and fashion. I would love to see a more eutopic world where cloths were earth friendly, diets were elevating the mind, body and soul. 

FF:  Describe one of your perfect date nights?
VP: My perfect date night would be a nice bottle of wine, a full moon a walk on the beach, ending with a kiss in the moonlight.

Find Violetta Piasecka:
Frontier Booking International 
Next Milano
Elite Miami

New York  September 5-12, 2013
London September 13-17, 2013
Milan September 18-23, 2013
Paris September 24-October 2, 2013


Makeup: Mahealani Diego / Hair: Jose Lopez

Models: Nadezda Petrova and Monique Santiago


In New York, NY with Esmeralda Harwood, CEO of Amazonas fine jewelry – immensely missing you India…

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