Just returning from New York City, back in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, let’s get right to it and catch up to the latest fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2011…IT’S ALL ABOUT DEFINITION.  Contour.  Bring out and highlight your best, using either a creme or powder.  You can find a great bronzer to use as contour and a pearlized or shimmer that can make for a great highlighter.  These are great tools, remembering that dark/shadows in your contour will make the area recede and hightlighting makes these spaces come foward.  Blending is key, use a sponge, brush or your finger when applying cremes.  Always keep these beauty tips in mind during your application, what a difference it makes!

Starting with tinsletown’s princess of style, Emma Watson.  Her take on fashion is showcased with ease and wearability.  From day to night, Emma’s point of focus is always her eyes, taking detail in her lashes, enhancing her length, keeping her thick brows in uniform.  A contoured cheek-bone is in effect for Ms. Emma, finishing with a pop of colored lip gloss.  Hair is minimal, rock-and-wear or sleek-and-sheek.

On to Kanye West, life immitating art through music and fashion.  Kanye can be seen at almost every major fashion event around the world worth seeing.  Contour is expressed through his choices of clothing, shoes and accessories, not to mention woman. Whether in Balmain Jeans, a white tee with Lanvin Paris shoes or a mixed matched designer outfit with a Hermes bag, no one does it better.

India loves Selena Gomez! Fans of Selena in Banagalore, India are joining together to demand a performance as she is preparing to embark on her world tour.  This actress/pop-musician, always plays up her eyes with black eyeliner and lots of mascara.  Fun and flirty!  Contouring ever so slightly the sides and under tip of her nose for a slimmer apperance, following with the cheekbone, then a pop of color in the apple of the cheeks!  A colored lip and your good to go…

Attention is given where it is earned.  Jennifer Lopez is on-point with her fierce fashion sense, always having a clean-coutoured skin pallet to work with.  What to expect from at any moment: the hollows of the cheekbone, under the chin/neck-sides (creates a thinner frame) blending down to neck, sides to under tip of nose (highlight bridge to bring forward for a slender appearance), temples of forehead and around hairline (shadow to recede with definition).  With this in place, Jennifer can begin her conquest to put her best foot forward when getting ready for any event, from being a mother to an international mogul.


Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Occupation: Musician

FF: Tell me a little about your personal style?
Makana:  It depends on my mood.  I’m a Gemini.  I dress for funtunality, different climates.  I look at fashion like music.  I play solo on the guitar, I don’t have a whole sympony, so if I want to make a dynamic change, then I just remove instead of adding.

FF: Do you have any tips for fall?
Makana:  My first rule is go against the heard.  If everyone is wearing one color at a party, I wear another.  I like to mix it up with scarfs, hats and shoes.

FF: What are 3 things that you would not leave home without
Makana: Hawaiian salt (for spiritual reasons). My guitar. IPhone (Ive traveled a lot, the mostvaluable thing in life are your friends).

FF: Can you share any beauty tips and tricks?
Makana: Water is everything.  Avoid GMO and non-organic foods.  I grow my own food and buy locally.  How you eat and the water you drink.  Everything thing else is like fixing damage you’ve done.

FF: What advice do you have for aspiring artists creating an imagine?
Makana: Know what you want to be in the world.  You can’t be a leader when you are busy following.  Don’t worry about trends.  Know your market, your fans will follow.

Caption to read: Mahealani Diego and Makana, sharing a few laughs in Dressing Room #1-HawaiiTheatre.
Fun Fact:  Built in 1922, the Historic Hawaii Theatre has been the home to hundreds of thousands artisans.

New York Fashion Week: September 8-15, 2011
London Fashion Week:  September 16-21, 2011
Milan Fashion Week: September 21-27, 2011
Paris Fashion Week:  September 27-October 5, 2011

Whats new with Mahealani?
In Hawaii filming CBS’s television series, Hawaii 5-0.  Getting ready for S/S’12.

Missing you India. See you soon!

Eternally yours,
MAHE xoxo

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