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Lucky to be home in gorgeous Honolulu, Hawaii – Without any further delay, let us take to the runways of Milan to see what all the buzz is about for Spring/Summer 2012…

SKIN IS IN.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  For starters, keep a great skin care regimen.  Diet and exercise will help keep a balanced mind, body and spirit this season.  Spring clean.  Go through your makeup.  Out with old, in with the new.  The average life of mascara: 3-6 months, eye shadows: 2 years, lip/eyeliners: 2 years, powders/blushes: up to 2 years, lipstick/gloss: 2 years and foundations: 6 months.  Also, note that any product with SPF is good for one season, as they lose their effectiveness to block out UVA/UVB rays.  Depending on your location and climate, product life can vary.  Keep an eye out for anything that appears to dry out, separate or become cakey.  Always use your judgment, if in doubt, throw it out.


Donatella said it best with her collection this season, “What I imagine by the new Versace woman looks like seduction, sexuality, she looks like the summer.  She arrives in the hot, hot night in the city and she likes to seduce people, but herself as well.” I love Donatella’s take on femininity.  Nostalgic themed hair and makeup was spotted all over the runways this season.  Clean contoured skin, with bedroom eyes, and a pop of gloss sets the tone for one colorful season.  Rock a great blow-out always ladies.  A great way to shine,day or night.  Feel powerful and confident.  Anytime,anywhere.

Emilio Pucci

Long live Emilio Pucci.  Be a bohemian goddess and come to life with Isralei-femaine inspired low pony tail and makeup to stop traffic.  Power eyes are a must.  Find your comfort level and go for it!  Again, we see beautiful clean skin.  One of my absolute favorite products that I never leave home without is a Kryolan Derma palette.  Try “The Three Faces of Kryolan” – with Dermacolor, Ultra Foundation & Lip Rouge. It has everything you need to create a beautiful clean complexion, contour, pop of cheek, and the sexiest barely there lip for day or build up color for night.  The palette system is a brilliant way to adjust to your skins tone, since your skin is not all one color.  To complete your look, add a scarf for flair.  Have a tattoo?  Flaunt it. (Makeup tip: If you need to do quick tattoos cover up, Derma Palette.) Staple each look with gel-polish, fragrance, and a soft summer tan. An absolute must have.


Gentlemen, whether you rock a Bob Marley or Japanese-tattoo inspired tee with pinstripe slacks this season, feel free to mix it up with jeans or board shorts and add a pair of colored sneakers or loafers.  Don’t forget a great watch and killer sunglasses.  An awesome way to bring in the Year of the Dragon.


Hometown: New York, NY
Occupation:  Tattoo Artist
Astrological Sign: Leo

Now living in Honolulu, Hawaii, International Award-Wining Artist Mike Ledger sits down with Fashion Fad.  Followers come from around the world to get a one-of-a kind piece of art work, but more than that, for the experience.  From the covers of Vogue Italia, Lenny Kravitz to Greenday, there is no question that this man is well worth his average 2 to 3 year appointment wait.

FF: At what age did you discover your love for art?
ML: Well, I guess it’s something I always knew.  I started drawing at 3 or 4 years old. 

FF: When did you begin your journey and bridge your love for drawing and painting into tattooing?
ML: I began apprenticing at Peter Tattoo in Long Island when I was 17 years old.  This was during a time when tattooing was outlawed, so this was the only legal shop in NYC.

FF: Growing up, who did you look up to?
ML: Pushead.  He was the Metallica artist, also the innovator of the skull, it was trippy.  In the tattoo world,  Ed Hardy (USA), Filip Leu (Switzerland), Horiyoshi (Japan), The Dutchman (Canada), Bob Roberts (USA) and Tin Tin (Paris) .

FF: Where you able to work with any of them?
ML: I learned a lot from Philip and Tin Tin, but basically I worked with everybody ‘cause I traveled.

FF: Who do you look to as a fashion inspiration?
ML: Cher.  She is the first woman that proved tattoos were sexy and made them acceptable. 

FF: What advice can give to someone when they are looking into getting a tattoo?
ML: First, talk with the artist.  Make sure you vibe with him.  Look at his portfolio.  Make sure he does quality work because the one thing that people don’t realize is when the tattoo is done, even if it’s a good tattoo done by someone who was a prick, you’ll be reminded of a bad experience.  You will later look down and be reminded of a bad experience.  So make sure you vibe well with your artist, so that 10 years from now you will still love it.  Not just for the tattoo, but for the experience. 

FF:  When you are traveling, what are 3 things you never leave home without?
ML:  My wife and two children.

Fashion Calendar Fall/Winter 2012:
New York       February 9-16
London          February 17-22
Milan              February 22-28
Paris              February 28-March 8
Los Angeles   March 9-18
Tokoyo           March 20-26

What’s new with Mahealani?
Finishing Season 2 of CBS’s Hawaii 5-0.  Gearing up for F/W 2012.  Missing you eternally India.

Congratulations to friends and fellow artists, John and Anabel Vargas on the birth of their daughter Kamila Belle, their most beautiful creation…

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Mahealani XO

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