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It is  wonderful to reach all of you.  I truly hope to return one day in my near future…
For now, lets talk backstage!!  Well, for the most part, the backstage area is where hair and makeup is done, also the “safe zone” for models, but there is always so much going on. So, you should really pay attention to be in the “know.” Here are some pretty common examples of what you’ll see any day backstage at a runway fashion show. Trust me, Ive seen it all !!
Let’s get the real on getting ready! Whats the rush?
First off, check in with your designer and team when you arrive. Locate your dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.. From there a production assistant should be able to let you know when to get in to hair and makeup. Stay focused on you getting ready, not anyone else because there are going to be 25 girls or more who will walk in after you and will need the same thing done. Move it or lose it sister (nothing personal of course!)  My best advice is to  a be pilot and quickly navigate through all your check points to be 100% ready. Anything that will cause traffic will cause a traffic jam, and so forth.  No one is responsible for you but you.  So go get um girls!! And remember, NEVER BE LATE! THE SHOW WILL GO ON! 
After going through hair, makeup, and wardrobe, between then….are we all supposed to get along?
Well, a fun bit that the fashion goddesses bestowed upon us, is the love of diversity. Many models, designers, staff, makeup, hair, wardrobe, production and their teams are traveling to a country of which is not there own. We are all different is so many ways, but working closely together over time makes us family. We have brother/sister fights (kitty cat fights i would say;) “You stole my shoe!” – Ive hear this one all the time!  It is funny because there are usually 10 or more pairs of the same shoe, so sometimes we discover it to be obviously a misunderstanding. Someone could be tired from coming off a long 16 hour flight, so I can understand when there is timezone difference as well.  I communite from Hawaii to NYC quite often,  so I ‘m empathic to jetlag.   
At Couture Fashion Week, you must have over 17 designers that you will see in a weekend. 
How do you handle the chaos, and how is it possible for the models walk one show, then re-walk in another designer’s show later that day.
Yes, during NYC Fashion Week the entire city has gone excitingly mad! My favorite is Couture Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in which twice a year we come together and celebrate fashion. There is chaos in the streets, subways, and any model you see speed walking down the street in her tights, pumps, hair pulled back, portfolio in hand and is on a mission, casting away! Since the outside has set the tone for the inside, I believe its a reflection that life is imitating art. The girls come in…ready to go, because they have another fitting in one hour across town. Well, its the way of the business.  Fast-forward to show day, it is like a heard of long-legged beauties. It is very rare, but a another great reason I will always tell our models to be early is because sometimes the designer will see a model on show day that did not attend the casting, and will now decide that they would like to take the dress away from original model and have new model wear or visa versa. This will definitely hurt the original models feelings, but, the show must go on! She must get up and hustle around that room and find another dress that has not been assigned!! Imagine what we go through. One dress here, a pair or two of shoes there. It can have that ripple effect. Going into the last calls before each girl is lined up backstage is another production in itself.  Everyone has a job and does it well.  Hair has to re-touch and any last looks, while makeup is doing any lotion for hydration, color lips, powder down, etc. Wardrobe is making sure dresses are all properly place, buttoned, zippered, etc. Backstage Manager making sure all girls lined up properly and in order. Producer Andres Aquino doing final touches with music/lighting.
For those select few girls who are (usually seasoned…have done this many times before) going to walk another show, they come running off to backstage. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and makeup off all at the same time. We will all help her. The second she can, our super model will jump in the next available hair or makeup chair and start all over again for the next look. She usually will do her own time check on her self, to time how long she has in hair before she has to go in makeup..then she has to head over and change (shoes and jewels too). If she can move fast, she should be fine. But, if there is one slight little bump in the road, things can get hectic and possibly run behind. The show must go on…, it needs to happen and have  to have her ready. That is why having a quick, talented hair and makeup team is irreplaceable.  Most importantly, working together as a team, and taking it one step at a time, always helps you shine!
Chaos backstage that we’ve grown to love…
There is sometimes no room to walk, because there are 700 people trying to get in a 550 max capacity room to take your picture. We have to yell at each other because we cant hear, the IPOD mix music is playing too loud (but we like it). Run, because if you don’t, you’ll miss your only chance to thank Designer and Event Producer, Mr. Aquino for putting together another season of beautiful fashion for FW S/S10.  See you at the next one, there’s no place I’d rather be…

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