Creativity is synonymous with individuality. In order to achieve this, designers look back to the past to create the future, and in doing so they create a narrative that is both inspirational and tangible.
S/S 18 continues the air of change established in autumn 2017, as intelligent attitudes to everyday dressing become an underlying message. The strength and power imbued within the creative portals of each brand’s DNA are set to evolve, with artistry and handcrafting second to none. Articulate individuality and unexpected vintage references will be key in collections which give rise to items that appeal to a one-of-a-kind sensibility.

Springtime Whimsy

This theme evolves from the Garden Party trend of Pre-Summer, in which femininity and eccentricity are the leitmotifs. A return to ladylike dressing is key, where a true sense of occasion dressing is expressed in overtly feminine silhouettes. Whimsical floor-skimming dresses are created in sheer fluid silks while pretty florals are sprinkled over delicate materials. Transparency emerges as an important direction, inspiring a need for elegant layering.

Key colours – pale pink, beige, white, buttercream, red, green, pastels
Key prints & patterns – garden blooms and hedgerow florals of all shapes and sizes
Key materials – silks, silk chiffons, crepe de chine, soft gabardine
Key items – elongated coats, layered dresses, ruffled blouses, high-waisted trousers, slim pencil skirts, full skirts

Transformed Traditions

Modern shapes are created with architectural precision, providing a sense of sophistication. Pure silhouettes are constructed with contrary details, forming sculpted, unexpected shapes that are curvilinear and infuse tailored items. Volumes are cut, spliced and layered, providing minimalist, yet body-conscious shapes with an artisanal sensibility. The trend for raw edges becomes more tactile, offering another way to showcase individuality. Architectural shapes offer a new take on functional dressing via utility details while asymmetry is key. Elements of classical Eastern dress are reimagined, informing silhouettes with crafted layering.
Key colours – white, neutrals, brown, grey
Key prints & patterns – stripes, monotone graphic shapes, shadow stripes, polka dots
Key materials – linens, compact cottons, drill, rustic weaves, satin
Key items – wide-leg trouser, asymmetrical dresses, tunics, elongated shirts, oversized blazer, coats

Magpie Opulence

This trend is inspired by art, museums and theatre, along with an eclectic mix of the tradition and opulence. The idea of extreme individuality is encapsulated within silhouettes that celebrate unique style. Continuing the influence of ‘magpie-like’ collecting, and fuelled by the eccentric creativity of Gucci and Alessandro Michele, designers run rife with references to a variety of eras as history provides inspiration. The combination of active influences, opulent architecture, royal retrospectives and historical patterns creates an individualistic narrative perfect for modern dressing.
Key colours – yellow, red, orange, vibrant pink, black, gold
Key prints & patterns – florals, hand-drawn images, historical and architectural references
Key materials – jacquards, brocades, silks, tulle, pleating, sequins, glitter
Key items – vintage-inspired pieces: jackets, skirts, dresses


Neo-Nostalgia evolves from the Resort Leisure theme of Pre-Summer in an explosion of colour. Traditional shapes are reimagined in breathtaking hues, breaking rules in clashing contrasts. This story is inspired by a strong sense of self, while melding streetwear, tailoring and active influences with a true resort flavour. The style and comfort synonymous with the easy separates of the 1990s provide inspiration, along with empowered feminine drama – think Kate Moss and the supermodels of the era. Looks are casually layered or combined with contemporary tailoring and elegant eveningwear to create a relaxed and innovative edge.
Key colours – yellow, orange, lilac/violet, blue, grey, black, red, beige
Key prints & patterns – bold graphics, polka dots, tropical/exotic floral patterns
Key materials – technical blends, sheer synthetics, cotton fleece, sparkle, denim
Key items – 1990s silhouettes, oversized blazer, camisole dresses, slim trousers/leggings, athletic-inspired trousers

Seafarer/Indo Bali

As in Pre-Summer, maritime workwear meets coastal classics from ports of call both east and west, revisited with a fresh take on nautical colours such as navy, white, cream and red. Island florals and Breton and ticking stripes are re-coloured and reworked into chic casual workwear rendered in authentic natural materials of crisp cotton and jersey. Offering a romantic take on all things nautical, historical references are intricately mixed with tropical influences. Exotic plants and textures inform print and pattern, while a youthful, fun and rigorous appeal will evolve through sunny references to a 1950s sensibility.
Key colours – navy, red, deep greens, white, rust, ginger, magenta
Key prints & patterns – tropical florals, stenciled florals, Breton stripes, rainforest prints, Japanese references, dots
Key materials – cotton, silk blends, sheer layers
Key items – wide-leg trousers, sweaters, sarong-style skirts, asymmetrical dresses, boxy cut vintage-inspired jackets, cropped trousers, body-skimming dresses, beach-to-bar looks, pyjama dressing, T-shirt dressing

Natural Spirit

From the environs of Greece to Pompeii, or to mile upon mile of sweeping sand dunes burnished by the sun, cultural locales set the scene for this eclectic and spirited theme. The Neo-Voyager trend of pre-season evolves with geometrics and updated rodeo styles along with a definitive approach to layered dressing. Handcrafted and beloved pieces are collected along with elements of safari-esque items that ground the romantic ambience. A bohemian sensibility, cross-cultural references and the pioneering spirit of travellers and traders along the Silk Road influence silhouettes, prints and patterns. Underlying 1970s inspiration continues in floor-sweeping dresses in layers of breezy lightweight materials.
Key colours – soft beige, pink sand, khaki, bone, reds, yellow, navy, white, ginger
Key prints & patterns – tribal influences, Islamic geometrics, transcultural inspiration, intricate embellishments
Key materials – textured materials, lightweight silk, chiffon, cotton blends, linen, jersey
Key items – flowing bohemian dresses, safari elements, soft oversized trouser


There are some fashion trends that strangely come from nowhere and capture the style world’s attention, Ta –Ta Towel being one of them after Bum-enhancing leggings! Light-up phone cases for better selfies! A stick-on bra to “give your girls a lift!”


A first glance at it and you will find it most ridiculous yet. Variously described as “a bizarre boob hammock” and “the breast accessory you didn’t know you needed,” it’s an absorbent towel for women that only covers their breasts.

Furthermore, the women advertising this product are much bigger than standard models, and the Ta-Ta Towel is only available from a C to an H cup. Originally devised as a clever way to deal with under boob sweat, the Ta Ta Towel is now said to be apt for pregnant woman.

Nevertheless, the testimonials on the website are glowing, to say the least, “I don’t even have an issue with boob sweat… I love the Ta-Ta Towel because it’s SO comfortable,” Sonia writes.
“Sometimes I even wear my Ta-Ta Towel around the house when I need a break from bras, sports bras and camisoles. I give it four stars,” rhapsodises Christine.



It all started by Aced Design’s four students at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the group’s Kickstarter campaign to fund their venture, one-piece shorts outfit for men, the RompHim romper for guys, with a goal of $10,000, which quickly went viral.


“Turn heads and break hearts when you take your RompHim for a spin,” the company says on its website. “We spent countless hours designing your favorite summer outfit.”

Though it’s been introduced with an adjustable waist! Zippered back pocket! Zipper fly! Front shirt pocket! But many find fashion like this strange, but within a man’s choice to wear. But for others, Romphims serve as a reminder of the increasing feminisation of male fashion, which is particularly common among black men.


Though we are yet to see Indian runway react to it, the trend’s gone far beyond internationally,as people who fancies himself as the most fashionable man on TV or sports mascot, has already started wearing a male romper which had set the Internet on fire. As for now it’s difficult to contain the male romper phenomenon, nevertheless for those trendsetters, the RompHim pairs best with Sperry slides, Wayfarer sunglasses (attached via strap to hang around the neck),and a well-trimmed beard…



Come summer and one start looking for ideas to show off their skin, with the latest fad been to show off their stylist bras.The days are long gone when a showing bra strap was considered blasphemous and the non-concerned loved to make a big deal of it. Not anymore. Today for a banal sentence such as ‘your bra is showing’, a witty remark which says, ‘good, it was expensive’ is used by women all over. And while you are at it, why not flaunt your bra stylishly…

See-through tops are one of the sexiest ways to naively flaunt your bra. Don’t try to hide your bra under a sheer top. It’s no trendier, so don’t go for it. Instead, choose a bra in a bold color that contrasts your top while complimenting the rest of your outfit. Either way, your see-through is the most bra-friendly dress you can ever think of.

Off-shoulders or one side shoulder are the best kind of dresses where you could flaunt bra straps. The ‘strappier’ your bra, the sensual it is. There are loads of straps out there to experiment with. You could go for a single color or match it up with multiple colors and give an extra oomph to your otherwise dull look. It is not just the straps that you get to show off. If you want to portray a more tough and boisterous look, then think of a dark leathery choker for your bra.

You don’t have to think of transparent straps, adhesive cups or nude bras for that backless top or the low neck halter lying in your wardrobe anymore. It is backless for a reason. Show it to your heart’s content. Again, it could be a simple matching bra, or a printed outlandish one that is announcing its presence, or even a sporty bra under a halter or a low neck tank for that jaunty look. When you want to flaunt your bra with a backless, that is when you can fall in love with the convertible bras and the straps that come with it. Arranging the straps of your convertible or the multi way bra in a crisscross way to show it off would only look bold without appearing too rebellious.When the straps get trendier, like in a caged bra or an in multiple back strap bra, they look more than just ordinary and doesn’t make it look like a fashion blunder.

All your deep necks can enjoy the company of your laces and bows. It is never old fashioned for laces and bows. All those pleasant pinks and lovely lilacs that pop in your mind when it comes to laces – you don’t have to hide them under your dress anymore. Let them gracefully peep out of the neckline of your top. There you go with another trendy way to flaunt bra and increase the beauty quotient of your plain simple top.

Another attitudinizing way of bragging your luxe bra is to wear it underneath a casual shirt or a blazer or even a jacket you could wear a bandeau or a balconette under a blazer depending on how you want your bust to look. Choosing a seamless bra in a bold, graphic color, free of lace or other traditional lingerie embellishments, will help you walk the line between bra and bra top.

Lastly, Undo an extra button to show off just a hint of the lacy bra underneath. As long as you don’t expose the skin below the bra, it will be hard for anyone looking to know if what you are exposing is a bra or just a pretty lace camisole or bodysuit.


It has always been a chaos to decide what to wear especially for men whereas girls somehow manage’ to decide from a huge range and variety of attire they can go for. But for men, it’s always limited stripped Kutras or Shirts. But here we have some sophisticated-but-stylish clothing collection for men to go for in this new year:

1.       An off-white blazer with off white pant can make you a total eye candy for people at any party and nerdy spectacles can totally make you spectacular.

img 1

2.       Contrast pairing of Pant and blazer is something which can be pompoused whole evening and can never go out of the trend. For that Green Blazer and off white pants are on the go for this season.


3.       Nehru coat is something which symbolizes our cultures’ couture and can never go out of the beat. This season pair a Nehru coat with a yellow shirt and brown pant and flaunt your styling streak.


4.        Just go off the beat and mark a trend of your own by pairing a yellow pant with an off white straight collar shirt and a matching blazer with confidence in your eyes and rock the event like a showstopper.


5.       Be a choosy of your own kind go sophisticated with a light green shirt, off-white colored pant and a cool-cum-trendy silk scarf and show-off how to be the charm of the evening.



With an insight from experience of working with designer Joseph Altuzarra and a consulting project for Moschino and friends in the fashion industry, Devangi Nishar Parekh, Creative director AZA shares the upcoming trends for the New year 2017.

Asymmetrical layering by Pratima Pandey


Bold & bare shoulders: Whether it’s through an off-shoulder blouse, a cold-shoulder dress or a sheer sleeved top, the trend of showing skin without revealing too much is here to stay. This flirty, fun & feminine trend works seamlessly for women of all shapes and sizes, who don’t have to be conscious of baring too much.

Exaggerated sleeves: Make a style statement with exaggerated sleeves that are high on drama. From extended floor-length sleeves on a lehenga blouse to a ruffled sleeved top worn over jeans to an LBD with oversized structured sleeves, this is one easy way to dress up your look without any fuss.

Bold & bare shoulders by Manish Malhotra

Bold & bare

Asymmetrical layering: Layering isn’t restricted to winter months! Light layers in breathable and natural fabrics can be a great way to beat the heat in the summer: throw on a long, asymmetrical jacket over a tunic and palazzos for instant chic. In 2017, layering with anti-fit separates will be a round-the-clock trend.

Metallic accents: Faux metal embellishments add a luxurious, futuristic touch to any outfit instantly. Wear this versatile trend to anything from a Sunday brunch to a formal dinner party. For the fashion forward, designers are crafting avant-garde silhouettes in metallic textiles. For the less experimental, metal studs or metallic accents on shoes, bags, and sleeves are a great place to begin.

Exaggerated sleeves by Masaba


Sequins & Sparkle: Nothing says festive like sequins and sparkle. The glam packed 80’s retro vibe is coming back in a big way. Think bigger and bolder sequins and appliqués that are party-ready and will grab attention at any event.

Fringes & tassels: The perfect accent on a handbag, dress hem, or dupatta end, fringes and tassels can be uber-chic when done right. Whether in leather, suede, or denim, this boho trend can add dimension and texture to a plain outfit, and is definitely the new way to spruce up a bleak look.

Metallic Accents by Pankaj & Nidhi

Metallic Accents

Statement Chokers: This nostalgic 90’s look is making a comeback due to its versatility and simplicity. It has an effortless appeal because it doesn’t weigh down on the neck. Add that finishing touch to an off-shoulder dress with a plain velvet or leather choker, or one enhanced with rhinestones, metal embellishments, or charms.

Sexy Sheer: If your style is feminine and flirty, the sheer trend is perfect for you. Embrace sheer in your party dress, evening gown, or even just a ready-to-wear top or sweater. Play peekaboo with a sheer collar or sleeves in tulle, net or organza which will take you through all the seasons.

Sequins & Sparkle by Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna

Sequins & Sparkle




Just when we mastered the smoky eyes comes smoky Lips, for this fall. Spotted first at Christian Dior fall’16 show at Paris and at Marc Jacobs. Unlike smoky eyes, it’s simple to create with no smudging or smearing.


Think of lip colors which are deep, dark and bold, line the lips, add lip color and top off with a swipe of lip gloss to create the smoky-looking lip. Worn solo, it creates a “smokey veil” and when applied over lipstick, it “transforms the color into a sexier, smokier version, says makeup artist Peter Phillip, the technique he used forf Dior’s show.




Paris Fashion week has just concluded along with other major Men’s fashion weeks. We went off the runways to the streets of Milan, Paris and London and noticed the boom of various beard trends.


2Come Movember and one see trends in facial hair.Men use their facial hair to show their style and I think many people are excited for this variable. Facial hair gives men the opportunity to express themselves and to “accessorize” in ways they might not be able to otherwise.

Take inspiration and see how they wore it for you in the gallery of the best beard style looks:




Tattoos are beautiful body adornment but there’s been a new trend in body art, the blackout tats and the web and instagram is freaking out as everyday there are new studies. Originally started from Singapore, the blackout tats cover your body in solid, black ink or whichever colour you like.

Black Tattoo

Unlike the earlier trend that have been popular, this artwork covers major skin viz whole arms and legs, the entire back, the bulk of your décolletage and so on. Consider as the golden age of tattooing as by now everybody is fairly educated hence go for these extreme forms.


Instagram has nearly 12,000 posts with the hashtag #onlyblacktattoos, with arms and legs inked entirely in black pictured. Whilst the only issue is you can’t go back after inking the whole body.



Think of sneakers and one tend to pair them with shorts or skinny denims or for gym. Over the years athleisure clothing has evolved and so are people as they look for comfort in there every day wear which looks stylish too and often seen sporting by celebrities.

01 oneDisplacing typical work wear styles, sneaker trend is been started by women, whereas we see men are increasingly turning to that as well. This rubber soled footwear is no longer only for marathoners but are part of chic dressing even making appearances on fashion runways like Chanel.


04In fact, the perpetuity of sneakers have given fashion bloggers, editors, other avant garde enthusiasts, a go to adopt the sporty staple, and add it into their every day “fashion” looks. They aren’t just for the gym anymore, but rather a cool, low-maintenance addition to an otherwise style-minded outfit.

The challenge, however, is understanding, how to style your sneakers which is “chic” and not “sloppy. We have gathered for our readers some really stylish summer/spring outfits you can sport your sneakers with.